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The Most Common Risk Factors Associated with High Blood Pressure
May 26, 2017

High blood pressure is a very common affliction among the American population.  In fact, it is estimated that one in four adults suffer from hypertension, putting them at an increased risk of complications such as heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, and eye problems.  In May, awareness of the dangers associated with high blood pressure, as well as education surrounding prevention measures, ramps up for National High Blood Pressure Education Month Read More

Baton Rouge Stroke Care: Recognizing the Warning Signs
May 19, 2017

Suffering a stroke is a frightening possibility.  It can come out of nowhere and result in severe health complications or even death.  Considering this and the fact that nearly 800,000 people per year are impacted by strokes, the importance of being prepared is obvious.  With the ability to spot the warning signs of a stroke comes the ability to act earlier and seek out what could potentially be life-saving treatment.  Read More

After a Stroke: What to Expect from Baton Rouge Stroke Rehabilitation
May 15, 2017

Each year, an estimated 795,000 Americans suffer a stroke.  They come on suddenly, without warning and can leave behind catastrophic aftereffects that may include paralysis, speech and language difficulties, vision impairments, or memory loss.  Recovering from such a major, life-altering health event can be difficult.  Never before has it been so crucial to make the right decisions and to make them quickly. Read More

Baton Rouge Hospital Testimonials Prove Staff are Every Day Heroes
May 12, 2017

Within Lane Regional Medical Center, we have many such individuals who have dedicated their careers to improving the lives and health of others.  They do everything from schedule appointments to cook meals to perform surgery, and regardless of title they are all a part of an incredible group of every day heroes. Read More

How Occupational Therapy Goes Beyond Injury Recovery in Baton Rouge
April 24, 2017

Beyond injury recovery, occupational therapists in Baton Rouge empower their patients while helping them regain the ability to perform daily tasks. With compassion and persistence, occupational therapists, particularly those at Lane, help in each of the following areas. Read More

Caring for Your Newborn: Everything Zachary Moms Need to Know
April 17, 2017

Pregnancy can be an exciting time of anticipation and preparation.  It can also be overwhelming and stressful, particularly for parents who are navigating this momentous life event for the very first time.  The unknown is always a little unsettling, but when the unknown surrounds caring for your brand new baby, you’ll do anything possible to answer your questions and put your mind at ease. Read More

Cute, Fluffy, and Harboring Bacteria - The Truth About Backyard Poultry
April 13, 2017

Soft, fluffy chicks are practically synonymous with spring. With their downy feathers, chicks seem like great cuddling companions, but caution must be taken to prevent infection.     Read More

Why Every Parent Should Know Infant CPR and How You can Learn
April 11, 2017

The list of scenarios that could lead to the use of infant CPR is frighteningly long, only reinforcing the necessity of knowing how to perform such life-saving measures.  Read More

Tips for Maintaining Workplace Eye Wellness
March 31, 2017

When you think of a work-related injury, a pulled muscle or broken bone may come to mind.  Less likely, you’ll think of your eyes.  And yet, eye injuries account for more than 20,000 workplace injuries each year and cost $300 million annually in lost productivity, medical treatment, and worker compensation.  Furthermore, it isn’t only construction or other industries where safety goggles are a common sight.  Increasingly, office workers are also feeling the effects of their work environment on their eyes. Read More

Making the Best Nutritional Choices for a Healthy Baton Rouge
March 27, 2017

For a very long time, American culture has focused on weight and outward appearance.  Overall health seemed to take a back seat to how great someone looked in their bathing suit.  It’s a mentality that has led us down a path of fad diets, supplements, and an increasing occurrence of eating disorders.  Sadly, when the number on the scale becomes the primary focus, failure is inevitable.  Read More

Type 2 Diabetes Risk Assessment in Zachary
March 24, 2017

Diabetes has become a major point of concern in global health and for Americans in particular.  As of 2014, the CDC reports that 29.1 million people, or 9.3% of the population, have diabetes .  Of these cases, type 2 diabetes accounts for 90 percent, making it one of the most widespread health epidemics in the United States.  Read More

Preventing Colorectal Cancer through Screening
March 9, 2017

Colorectal cancer has an alarmingly high rate of diagnosis and mortality.  Currently, it is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer and the second leading cause of cancer deaths.  But, this isn’t what makes it alarming.  Instead, the thing that makes these numbers so disturbing is the fact that colorectal cancer is largely preventable.  In fact, over half of all cases of colorectal cancer could be avoided through timely screenings. Read More

Eating Disorder Awareness: Spotting the Symptoms
February 28, 2017

If you were asked to picture someone suffering from an eating disorder, you would most likely picture a woman, emaciated from the ravages of severe anorexia.  Of course, some suffering from eating disorders do look like this, but in reality, the majority do not.  In all likelihood, you know someone who either is currently or has in the past suffered from an eating disorder, and you probably never even knew.  In reality, 30 million Americans are currently battling a form of eating disorder, and many of them are doing so silently. Read More

5 Heart Healthy Tips from Louisiana Cardiologists
February 23, 2017

Almost immediately after conception, the heart begins its work, pumping blood and supplying the rest of the human body with what it needs to develop, grow, and thrive.  From the first beat until the very last, there is no other organ that works as hard or as long.  Yet, the heart works so diligently and efficiently that keeping it healthy is easily overlooked, leading many to unwittingly neglect caring for it properly. Read More

Ear Infections in Children: Symptoms and Treatment
February 20, 2017

If there’s anything a parent knows, it is the unparalleled ability of a young child to keep you in doctor’s offices.  By the time the toddler years have gone by, you are on a first name basis with the nursing staff, have your doctor’s number stored for quick reference, and know the layout of your pediatrician’s office better than your own home.  And while children come down with an astoundingly wide variety of ailments throughout their youth, there are few they seem as susceptible to as those affecting the ears, nose, or throat. Read More

Taking Charge of Heart Health for Baton Rouge Patients
February 14, 2017

February seems the natural fit for Heart Health Month.  It is the home of Valentine’s Day after all.  There are hearts everywhere – on cards, balloons, cakes, and stuffed animals.  Hearts are never more top of mind than they are in early February.  But the cute pink and red ones that adorn Valentine’s gifts and decorations are far less important than the one beating inside your own chest.  And yet, we don’t often seem to give that one the attention that it deserves.  Read More

Drug and Alcohol Facts Baton Rouge Teens Need to Know
January 31, 2017

We know our country has a drug problem.  Is there really any denying that?  In 2014, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 21.5 million Americans aged 12 or older suffered from a substance abuse disorder .  Let’s reiterate that.  Children as young as 12, and sometimes even younger, are already addicted to drugs or alcohol.  It’s a pervasive problem that is seeping its way into American homes and schools, making it very likely that your child will be exposed to illicit substances while they are still in middle… Read More

Blood Donation in Baton Rouge: The Gift of Life
January 25, 2017

January has been named National Blood Donor Month, a time when awareness is brought to the life-saving act that is blood donation.  In honor of this time, Lane Regional Medical Center, in conjunction with United Blood Services, will be hosting a blood drive on January 27 from 7:00 AM – 2:30 PM on the Lane hospital campus.  Interested?  Register online or simply stop by during that time.  Read More

Discover the Long-term Benefits of Healthy Weight Management
January 19, 2017

Weight loss is a hot topic around the first of the year.  A new year means a new start, and after overindulging during the holidays, it’s no wonder that Healthy Weight Week falls in January.  Of course, healthy weight means more than just dropping a few pounds to look good in your summer wardrobe.  Instead, weight management should be a lifestyle choice that offers benefits beyond an improved physique. Read More

Strep, Tonsillitis, or Cold - How to Tell the Difference
January 12, 2017

You wake up in the morning, take a moment to groggily get your bearings, swallow and suddenly you realize – you have a sore throat.  Is it passing?  Will it be better as the morning wears on?  Or will you end up taking sick days and antibiotics?  It’s a scenario that we’ve all encountered multiple times.  A sore throat is certainly nothing new to anyone.  Sometimes a gargle with warm salt water is all it takes to soothe the discomfort, and at others, the pain stretches on for days with swollen, tender lymph nodes to… Read More

How to Make 5 Healthy New Year's Resolutions You Can Actually Keep
December 29, 2016

As the year comes to an end, we begin to look back on 2016 and develop New Year's resolutions for the following year.  By changing the way we think of New Year’s resolutions, we can work to live a healthier life in 2017. Read More

Fight Disease and Infection with Hand Washing
December 23, 2016

As the holiday season wraps up, you may find yourself fighting off a cold or worse yet, the flu.  Such illnesses spike this time of year, but can it all be blamed on the weather?  The answer, of course, is no.  There’s a very good reason why so many get sick during the holidays, and it boils down to all the time we spend together. Read More

Choosing a Baton Rouge Accredited Surgical Facility
December 19, 2016

Whether elective or medically necessary, outpatient or inpatient, surgery is a serious matter.  Each procedure comes with its own set of risks and rewards, concerns, and hopes.  In anxious preparation for the day, you’ve likely done ample research.  Your surgeon has been selected and his credentials and reviews thoroughly examined.  You’ve looked up your procedure and what’s to be expected countless times.  You know exactly how long you should expect to be in the hospital and what your recovery will likely look like. … Read More

Fitness and Diabetes: Why it's Important
November 30, 2016

Most are aware that there are two different types of diabetes – 1 and 2.  Those with type 1 diabetes are insulin-dependent.  Their immune system destroys the cells that release insulin, making natural absorption of glucose for energy impossible.   Type 2 diabetes is by far more common, accounting for over 90 percent of all cases.  In this form, the body produces insulin but is unable to use it appropriately, otherwise known as insulin resistance.  While the two are different and may require different approaches to treatment, both… Read More

Which Wounds can be Treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?
November 22, 2016

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has taken wound healing to new, unsurpassed levels.  Due to a number of different causes, many patients suffer from slow or non-healing wounds.  In such cases, typical treatments, including ointments, medications, and bandages, may not be enough.  This is when HBOT proves to be especially useful.  Read More

When Does Your Parent Need Home Health?
November 18, 2016

The holiday season brings a lot of joy and togetherness.  For some, this is one of the few times each year that they are able to see their immediate family members.  School, work, or other obligations can put miles between adult children and their aging parents.  The holidays brings the perfect opportunity to come together and celebrate, but such long stretches of time between seeing elderly parents often leaves their children unprepared for the changes they encounter.  Read More

Diabetes Wound Treatment for Baton Rouge Patients
November 16, 2016

A diagnosis of diabetes often means lifestyle changes and vigilance on the part of the patient in order to manage the disease.  Those with Type 2 diabetes (the most common form) may be able to keep it in check through dedicated meal planning and physical activity.  These things may also help those diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  However, these patients will also need to rely on insulin.  Whatever the type and however it may be managed, diabetes always carries the risk of additional complications and requires that those who receive a diagnosis… Read More

November 16, 2016

Diabetes contributes to over 230,000 U.S. deaths per year. However, many people with type 2 diabetes are not aware they have the disease and may already have developed various health complications associated with it. Read More

Flu Shots in Baton Rouge: What Every Patient Should Know
October 28, 2016

With October nearly past, flu season is hitting its stride.  You may hear of friends or co-workers coming down with the illness and take measures to protect yourself.  Frequent handwashing, sanitizing surfaces that may have come into contact with the flu virus, and avoiding those known to be ill are all good steps to help keep you healthy. Read More

Recommended Annual Wellness Visits by Age
October 21, 2016

As a whole, Americans don’t like to visit their doctor.  As a matter of fact, the number of annual visits to a physician comes in at an average of 4 for Americans , far less than that of other nations such as Japan which averages 13 visits a year.  For some, it may be fear or stubbornness that keeps them away.  They may be concerned about what they would discover if they visited their physician more frequently.  While others simply don’t see the need for medical care or are perhaps deterred by cost.   Whatever the reason,… Read More

Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October 17, 2016

Other than skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer among American women. Each year in the United States, more than 200,000 women get breast cancer and more than 40,000 women die from the disease. Men also get breast cancer, but it is not very common. Less than 1% of breast cancers occur in men. Most breast cancers are found in women who are 50 years old or older, but breast cancer also affects younger women. About 11% of all new cases of breast cancer in the United States are found in women younger than 45 years of age Getting mammograms regularly can… Read More

How to Avoid the Flu This Season
October 12, 2016

Fall is marked by changing leaves, shorter days, pumpkin spice everything, and, of course, the flu.  This is the time of year when we begin to see flu shot signs popping up at every doctor’s office and pharmacy.  If you’ve ever had the flu before, you get it.  Experiencing the ravaging aching, sore throat, fever, headache, and cough that typically accompanies the illness is often enough to make one swear they will do anything possible to never have it again. Read More

Baby Safety Tips for Baton Rouge Parents
September 29, 2016

To say that the task of parenting can be overwhelming would be an understatement.  From the time of conception, parents must consider their every action, or lack thereof, and how it may potentially impact their new baby.  From what an expectant mother eats to where a newborn will sleep, there are countless factors that ultimately play a role in the safety and wellbeing of your child. Read More

Baton Rouge Pain Management - Opioid Alternatives
September 19, 2016

There are two major epidemics occurring side-by-side in the American people.  First, there is pain.  We’ve all experienced it.  One in four of us have experienced it for more than 24 hours at a time, with some battling chronic pain on a daily basis.  It is the leading cause of long-term disability, making both work and day-to-day tasks difficult.  Concurrently, a raging opioid addiction epidemic threatens an increasing number of Americans.  Naturally, we can see that the two have gone hand-in-hand, but how can one be corrected… Read More

Common Risk Factors for Addiction in Baton Rouge
September 13, 2016

Have you ever wondered why the grip of addiction holds so tightly to some and seems to bypass others?  What is it about these individuals that makes them more susceptible to drug or alcohol abuse?  Oftentimes, users face judgement about their character based solely on their vulnerability to these substances.  Yet, science has shown us that there are genetic components and other risk factors that simply make some of us more likely than others to fall prey to addiction.  Read More

September 9, 2016

“Commit to Quit” is a smoking and tobacco cessation program provided by Cardiovascular Institute of the South.  If you or someone you love smokes or uses tobacco and wants to quit, then “Commit to Quit” can help you successfully kick the habit. Call 1-877-288-0011 or visit Tobacco use leads to disease and disability. Smoking causes cancer, heart disease, stroke, and lung diseases (including emphysema, bronchitis, and chronic airway obstruction). For every person who dies from a smoking-related disease, 20… Read More

Finding the Right Team to Help You Conquer Depression in Baton Rouge
August 31, 2016

No matter how advanced our understanding of mental health disorders seems to be, there is still an overwhelming number of individuals suffering through depression alone.  In fact, it has been estimated that two-thirds of those experiencing depression do not seek out medical help.  Read More

Managing Day-to-Day Life with Diabetes
August 23, 2016

A diagnosis of diabetes is overwhelming.  It is also increasingly common.  According to the American Diabetes Association , over nine percent of the population lived with some form of the disease as of 2012, and it is presumable that those numbers have continued to rise.  With each new diagnosis comes a new patient with a new set of challenges, questions, and fears.  Fortunately, diabetes is largely manageable, but understanding just how to keep it in check is a huge learning experience for patients. Read More

Coping with Disaster
August 18, 2016

Recent flooding in Louisiana is the worst natural disaster in US since Hurricane Sandy.  Experts say we cope with unexpected, sudden changes such as disasters in our lives in the same way we cope with grief.  Read More

Treating Addiction in Baton Rouge: Lane Recovery Solutions
August 15, 2016

Sometimes, we call them vices.  Those habits we have that we can’t seem to get away from.  Sure, they’re not great for us.  But, really, what’s the harm?  For millions, the harm comes when a simple vice crosses the line into addiction.  When a substance or behavior goes from an occasional comfort to interfering with day-to-day life and responsibilities, it is officially in addiction territory, a frightening place that has the capability to wreck health, tear apart families, and destroy careers.  Read More

What You Need to Know About Zika Virus
August 11, 2016

What is Zika virus? Zika is a mosquito-borne virus that is currently causing a large outbreak primarily in Central and South America. In addition, the Florida Department of Health has identified an area in one neighborhood of Miami where Zika is being spread by mosquitoes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued guidance for people who live in or have traveled to this area any time after June 15. What are the symptoms of Zika virus? Only about 1 in 5 people with Zika virus will get symptoms of illness; because of this, many people may not… Read More

Home Health or Nursing Home: Making the Right Choice
July 29, 2016

The phases of life seem to pass so quickly.  Not long ago, you were the child, being cared for by young, fit parents.  Now you’re the one with children depending on you, and suddenly, the parents who once seemed so invincible appear frail.  Balancing the demands of day-to-day life is challenging enough, but when you are also caring for an aging parent or loved one, they can feel insurmountable.  The options begin to run through your mind.  You need help. But how can you ensure quality care for your loved one while also maintaining… Read More

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?
July 19, 2016

Serious wounds require serious care.  Often arising from complications associated with another medical condition, wounds that are suitable for hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) are yet another hurdle on the path to health.  The body is overwhelmed, tissue is damaged, and the healing process may be compromised.  In such a scenario, utilizing the most effective possible treatment method quickly goes from important to imperative. Read More

Mosquito-Borne Illnesses - More Than Just Itchy Bumps!
July 14, 2016

Mosquitoes can quickly ruin a nice day or evening outdoors with their itchy bites.  However, mosquito bites can also cause illnesses, some of which can be quite serious. Read More

The Importance of Immunizations for Baton Rouge Area Children
July 13, 2016

Immunizations have become a hot button issue over the past several years, as concerns grow over the potential side effects, particularly the development of autism.  Fortunately, research has largely disproven these claims, and most parents understand that the benefit of immunizations to both their own children and society as a whole outweigh any potential risk. Read More

Preventing Foodborne Illness
June 30, 2016

It's grilling season.  Proper handling and preparation of food are important to prevent and avoid foodborne illnesses (food poisoning).  Before you fire up the grill for summertime cookouts, picnics, and holiday celebrations, here is important information about foodborne illness. Read More

The 3 Most Important Steps to Protect Men's Health
June 28, 2016

In the month that we celebrate Father’s Day, it is only fitting that we also focus on National Men’s Health Month.  While in October, we seem to float in a sea of pink as we raise awareness and research funds for breast cancer, health concerns that primarily target men are less commonly acknowledged.  Perhaps this lack of awareness plays a role in the fact that women are 100 percent more likely than men to visit a doctor and live an average of five years longer.  Read More

Tips to Keep You Safe this Summer
June 17, 2016

Is there any better memory than summer vacations or long days spent wading in the pool?  Ice cold drinks, popsicles, fireworks, and beach trips are hallmarks of a time when life feels a bit more carefree.  Unfortunately, it also marks a time when injuries are on the rise.  Hospitals frequently refer to these next couple of months as “trauma season.”  It’s no surprise that as the weather lends itself to more frequent outdoor activities that accidents also tend to spike, but the reality is that many of these are avoidable.  Read More

Managing Stress
June 14, 2016

Stress can hit you when you least expect it-before a test, after an accident or during conflict in a relationship. While everyone experiences stress at times, a prolonged bout of it can affect your health and ability to cope with life. That's why social support and self-care are important. They can help you see your problems in perspective...and the stressful feelings ease up. Read More

Cataract Risk and Treatment Options in Baton Rouge
June 8, 2016

June marks Cataract Awareness Month, a time that brings into focus the condition that may be doing just the opposite to your vision.  Cataracts are among the leading causes of blindness worldwide, and are a common affliction of patients over the age of 60. Read More

Baton Rouge Stroke Rehabilitation
May 27, 2016

When it comes to catastrophic health events, stroke is near the top of the list.  Sure, some are minor, so much so that they may be completely undetected by the patient.  However, 2/3 of stroke survivors will recover from their stroke with some form of lingering disability.  The type and severity of these disabilities depends on the size and location of the stroke within the brain, and treatment hinges on this fact as well.  It is often a long and arduous process, but with proper rehabilitation, many patients can maintain or achieve their… Read More

Sleep Apnea Symptoms and Treatment in Baton Rouge
May 23, 2016

Science has been telling us for years to get plenty of rest.  It’s so important that May has even been deemed Better Sleep Month in an attempt to emphasize the role that sleep plays in leading a healthy and productive life.  You’ve likely heard the old standard of 8 hours per night as an ideal evening’s rest.  But what if you are one of millions who always seem groggy no matter how much sleep you get?  If this is the case, there is a possibility that a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea is involved.  Read More

Understanding the Difference Between Depression and Anxiety
May 18, 2016

During May, Mental Health Month, all too common mental health disorders take center stage.  We’ve often heard how our society overlooks mental illness, even treating it as a weakness.  This month represents the opportunity to change that and reflect on some of our most common mental health disorders for what they are – an uncontrollable illness that should be addressed and treated. Read More

4 Steps you can Take Now to Prevent Skin Cancer
May 13, 2016

Cancer is a scary word.  When you hear it, you may think cancers that affect internal organs such as the lungs, pancreas, or colon.  But what about your body’s largest organ?  Our skin is our first line of defense against environmental pollutants and the elements.  It also happens to be our largest organ.  Read More

Transradial Catheterization Benefits
May 2, 2016

Cardiac catheterization may be performed by your physician in order to detect a heart problem or to help treat a known problem.  Some of the uses of catheterization are identifying narrow or blocked blood vessels, removing a tissue sample, measuring oxygen levels within the heart, angioplasty, valve replacement, or heart arrhythmia treatment. Read More

What is Transradial Cardiac Catheterization?
April 27, 2016

If your physician needs to get some insight into how your heart is working, he or she may want to perform a heart cath.  There are a number of uses for the procedure, from diagnostic to preventative, and it can give your healthcare team a robust picture of what your overall heart health looks like.   Read More

3 Reasons Your OB is at Lane
April 6, 2016

From the moment we are born, milestones in our lives are largely influenced by doctors.  From vaccinations to braces in middle school, a physician is there.  For women of childbearing age, the relationship with their OB physician becomes exceptionally important.  Read More

Why Begin Your Baton Rouge Nursing Career at Lane?
March 11, 2016

There are few milestones as exciting, nerve-racking, or rewarding as finally beginning the new career that you've worked so hard for. As a new nurse, you've invested hours upon hours into study and practice in order to make yourself the very best, the most qualified, and the most deserving of such a noble profession. Yet, you may feel panic in this moment. Will you be able to find the job you've been dreaming of all this time? Will you like your co-workers? Will it be rewarding? The questions swirl in your mind, and your concern is founded. It can be difficult to… Read More

Fight the Flu with Good Habits
February 15, 2016

FAST Lane of Zachary Urgent Care, 19900 Old Scenic Highway, is now offering flu vaccinations for patients ages four and older. Read More

Summer Safety Tips for Food
December 28, 2015

Summer is in full swing and Americans are outside and on the move. To keep food poisoning, heat exhaustion and other summer woes from spoiling the fun, follow some basic safety tips to avoid illness and injury that could even become life-threatening. Read More

What to Do if Your Loved One Refuses to See a Doctor
September 23, 2015

When it comes to our aging loved ones, the last words we want to hear are "I don't want to go to the doctor." Yet, we've all been there, or know someone who's going through the problem right now. Although there are no solid stats, it's safe to assume that many of the elderly who would benefit from medical care (and who may have access to free medical care) have deep-seated inhibitions against seeing doctors. This is as much a result of an overly complex medical system (with reams of paperwork that the elderly may not have the capacity to fill out) as it… Read More

3 Ways to Fight Pre-Diabetes
April 14, 2015

Pre-diabetes is a warning signal that there's trouble ahead - unless you make some significant lifestyle changes. Untreated, it can eventually lead to Type 2 Diabetes, which is closely associated with heart disease, blindness, stroke and kidney failure. Read More

March 18, 2015

Healthy food provides your body with the necessary nutrition to function optimally, without negative side effects. Unfortunately, there are a few foods out there that we commonly believe are good for us (or better than others), which simply are not. Read More

8 Foods for a Healthy Brain
March 9, 2015

You've heard of heart-healthy foods-- but what about brain-healthy? Luckily, there are many foods out there that can help your brain, by improving focus and concentration or keeping your grey matter from deteriorating. Read More

Do Something Nice for Your Heart This Valentine's Day: Take These Five Steps to Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease
February 11, 2015

With Valentine's Day approaching, our attention turns to matters of the heart. One area where women take the lead in this regard is heart disease. Read More

5 Tips to Have Everyone Seeing Red During Heart Month
February 11, 2015

Seeing red typically refers to someone who gets so angry that they become enraged. However, having people see red during Heart Month is not a bad idea, especially if it leads them to take steps to prevent heart disease. Read More

5 Easy Ways to Introduce Cooking to your Kids
February 10, 2015

WebMD research indicates that children who eat home-cooked meals are less likely to be overweight. Home-cooked meals are typically more balanced and include more fruits and vegetables and have less trans-fat. It was also reported that kids who enjoy home-cooked meals are generally happier and less disposed to eating disorders as they get older. Read More

The Super Green Smoothie that kids love!
February 9, 2015

If you think that getting your kids to eat raw vegetables like spinach or kale is impossible, think again. This brain boosting, vitamin packed green smoothie recipe is just what you need. It is so good that they'll think it's a special treat. Read More

The Burger Diet
February 7, 2015

So maybe we wouldn't recommend a diet of just burgers, but this smoky sweet potato burger certainly tops the list of heart healthy burgers that your heart doctor could easily recommend.  In addition to being sweet and savory, these sweet potato burgers are full of essential vitamins, antioxidants and healthy plant based protein. Read More

10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues
February 2, 2015

Whether you call it the winter blues or use the clinical term "Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)," the result is still the same - we feel more anxious, lack energy, and are generally more "blah" than normal. It is a problem faced by many. According to WebMD, one in four of us will manifest the doldrums during the winter months. If that describes you, here are ten ways to overcome the seasonal slump. Read More

What to Do When Wounds Won't Heal
February 2, 2015

There are several factors that contribute to a breakdown in the wound healing process. These include infection, tissue ischemia/hypoxia, inadequate local wound responsiveness, and unrelieved pressure. Read More

7 Key Facts About Flu Season That You Need to Know
December 29, 2014

People in South Louisiana get excited about several seasons - football, basketball, and baseball to name three. Hunters are excited about deer and dove season. The holiday season, coming to a close, brought with it lots of excitement, too Read More

Water Safety: A Key to Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe This Summer
June 27, 2014

Summer is in full swing and families throughout the community are seizing the opportunity to hit the pool, beach, lake or water park to cool off and soak up some sun. Whether your next outing calls for snorkeling gear or an inflatable raft, don't forget to make water safety a priority, especially in areas where certified lifeguards are not present. Read More

Avoid Summer Bummers: Summer Safety Tips
June 20, 2014

Summer is in full swing and Americans are outside and on the move. To keep food poisoning, heat exhaustion and other summer woes from spoiling the fun, follow some basic safety tips to avoid illness and injury that could even become life-threatening. Read More

This Summer, Make Skin Cancer Awareness and Prevention a Priority
May 30, 2014

National Skin Cancer Awareness Month is observed nationwide each May in an effort to educate the public about the dangers of skin cancer. Despite widespread warnings of the risks associated with unprotected sun exposure, approximately two million people will be diagnosed with skin cancer this year. About 68,000 of these cases will be melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer. Read More

Tips for Stopping the Cycle of Depression
May 9, 2014

The 3 parts of Depression are: Negative or Self Critical Thoughts Physical Symptoms of Fatigue, Poor Concentration, Irritability, Nervousness Behavioral Isolation or Passivity or Inactivity Read More

One of the Most Important Things You Can Do for Your Child: Get Them Vaccinated!
April 25, 2014

Every spring, National Infant Immunization Week is observed to promote the benefits of childhood immunization. Read More

Autistic Disorders Becoming More Common, Need Early Intervention
April 18, 2014

Some parents know right away that something is wrong. Others won't suspect until their toddler suddenly stops babbling or making eye contact. Either way, learning that your child is autistic can be life-changing. Read More

What to Know About Colorectal Cancer and How to Prevent It
March 5, 2014

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. According to the American Cancer Society, colorectal cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer and the third leading cause of cancer death in both men and women in the United States. Read More

Back to School Health Tips from Lane's Baton Rouge Family Practice
August 14, 2013

As the school year begins, make sure you are sending your kids off to school with more than just a kiss. Children who succeed in school begin with healthy home habits. Read More

Nodding Off -- You May Need More Than a Nap
February 26, 2013

Humans spend about one-third of their lives doing it, yet sleep remains misunderstood and underappreciated for its role in keeping us healthy and productive. Read More