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Volunteer Services


Volunteering at Lane

Lane volunteers are very special people dedicated to helping others. They contribute to Lane in many ways, such as distributing ice, water and coffee to patients and families, as well as assisting in waiting rooms, at information desks, in the nursing home and in the gift shop.

Our volunteers are an integral part of Lane Regional Medical Center and receive many benefits, including:

  • Lane RMC Auxillary VolunteersBeing of service to our community
  • Helping with hospital awards banquets and recognition ceremonies
  • Helping with employee activities
  • Meeting new people and making new friends
  • Developing new interests
  • Helping the sick and their families
  • Contributing to mankind

Lane Regional Hospital Volunteers The smiles and kindness of our volunteers are reminders to our patients of the excellent care received at Lane Regional Medical Center. 

To become a Lane Volunteer, contact Volunteer Services at (225) 658-6699 or email auxiliary@lanermc.org