Medical Center

Visitor Information

While family support is important to the healing process of the patient, please keep in mind the patient's need for rest, quiet and privacy. To maintain a restful environment, we request the following:

  • Visitor Information for Lane RMCVisitors must be 12 years of age or older unless special permission is granted by the charge nurse.
  • No more than two visitors are allowed at a time.
  • Please respect all "no visitors" and "isolation" signs on a patient's door. These are ordered by the physician for the patient's benefit.
  • ICU visiting times may be postponed and extra visiting times may be allowed at the discretion of the charge nurse, based on the activity in the unit.
  • No visitors will be allowed during an emergency.
  • Ministers will be allowed to visit during non-visiting hours.
  • If requested to leave the room, please do so without hesitation.
  • If the door is closed, please knock before entering.
  • When visiting a patient in a semiprivate room, respect the privacy of the other patient by speaking quietly and limiting the length of your visit.
  • If you have a cold, fever, sore throat or other contagious illness, please do not visit.

Staying Overnight with Patients

Occasionally relatives stay overnight with patients.  Sofa beds are available for this purpose.

Lane Cafeteria

Located on the first floor of the hospital, Lane Cafeteria offers a variety of just-like-home meals and à la carte selections for hospital visitors and staff. These include a hot line, sandwich and cold selections, salad bar, and snack and dessert selections.

Lane Cafeteria Hours:

  • Breakfast, weekdays: 7 a.m. – 10 a.m.
  • Breakfast, weekends: 8 a.m. – 10 a.m.
  • Lunch, every day: 11:15 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Lane Gift ShopLane Gift Shop

The Lane Gift Shop is located on the first floor's main hallway and is operated by the Lane Auxiliary. Items available include gifts for all occasions, toys, collectibles, magazines, books, greeting cards, jewelry and an assortment of candy and snacks. Room delivery is available upon request.

The Lane Gift Shop is open Monday – Friday, from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

ATM/Newspapers/Vending Machines

The ATM cash machine and the main vending machines are located in the vending area near the cafeteria.  Newspaper stands are located in the front lobby.


FREE, unlimited parking is available campus-wide, conveniently located to all public entrances.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are allowed within the hospital except in posted areas, such as the Intensive Care Unit, Telemetry Unit and Imaging/X-ray Department. For the safety of our patients, please refrain from using your cell phone in these areas.

Please note that our staff utilizes hand-held devices including iPads and iPhones to communicate patient and provider needs throughout the hospital.

Lost and Found

Please be sure to check your belongings before you leave the hospital.  Should you forget something, you may call 225-658-4000.

Tobacco-Free Campus Policy

For the health of our patients, visitors and staff, smoking and tobacco products are not permitted ont his campus, including all buidings, parking lots and grounds.  If you smoke or use tabacco products, please discuss nicotine replacement options with your physician.  This will ensure your comfort during your stay.

Facts you should know:

  • Smoking is hazardous to your health.
  • Smoking low-tar cigarettes does not reduce your risk for cancer.
  • Smokers are 4 times more likely to die from coronary disease, the leading cause of death in the U.S.
  • Smoking increases your risk of strokes, asthma, lung infections, fertility problems, gum infection, cataracts and ulcers.
  • Smokers lose an average of 13-14 years of their lives.

Benefits of Quiting:

  • Stroke risk is reduced to non-smoling level after 5-15 years of not smoking.
  • Risk for cancers of the mouth, throat and esophagus is cut in half 5 years after quitting.
  • Risk of developing coronary heart disease is cut in half one year after quitting.

Tips for Quiting Smoking:

The Louisiana Smoking Cessation Trust has funds available for smoking and tobacco cessation, allowing Lane Regional Medical Center and Cardiovascular Institute of the South to offer Commit to Quit, a comprehensive program to help patients successfully quit the use of tobacco.

Most, if not all, services are FREE, including:

  • Physician Evaluation
  • Individual & Group Counseling
  • Prescription & Over-the-Counter Medications.

It's never too late to quit.  For more information, please call our Tobacco Treatment Coordinator at 1-877-288-0011 or visit