Lane OB/GYN and Labor & Delivery Services: Courtney Spears’ Patient Story

September 27, 2023

courtney - family photo-1-1When Courtney Spears and her husband, Everett, were expecting their first child, Emanie, seven years ago, she began seeing Dr. Joshua Best at Lane OB/GYN. Living in Baker, Baby Lane, the labor and delivery unit at Lane, along with their expert staff of OB/GYNs, nurses, ultrasound techs, and more was a perfect option for the Spears family. However, Dr. Best’s delivery of Emanie in 2016 wouldn’t be their last experience together, not even close.

Normal and High-Risk Pregnancy Care

In 2020, Courtney and Everett became parents again, and Emanie a big sister. However, this time Dr. Best wasn’t caring for just one baby boy, but two; Ethan and Curtis. “Seeing two babies on the screen during the ultrasound was a surprise. We were shocked but so happy,” remembers Courtney. Protocol for pregnancy with twins is to also see a maternal-fetal medicine doctor to mitigate the higher risk of complications. “Dr. Best and maternal-fetal medicine were very thorough and stayed in touch very well.”

Fast forward to 2021 and Courtney is looking at a familiar screen, with a familiar face, and a familiar image. “I told the ultrasound tech, ‘You’re lying’. I asked, ‘How’d you do that?’ Again we were happy and shocked.” This time Ethan and Curtis became big brothers to Emery and Cassidy. Once again, the pregnancy went very well under Dr. Best’s care.

Obstetrics & Gynecology Care

After having five beautiful, healthy, and happy babies, Courtney scheduled a tubal ligation with Dr. Best. “Before the procedure, I had to take a pregnancy test, it was negative,” remembers Courtney. However, afterward, she began feeling sick and returned to see Dr. Best. “I took another pregnancy test, and it was positive.”

With a positive pregnancy test, Courtney’s next stop was to see Emily, her ultrasound technician over the past few years. “During the ultrasound, she (Emily) just stared at me. The shock on her face said it all, and she just shook her head ‘Yes’.” Courtney was pregnant with her third set of twins in three years. Eva and Camryn were the sixth and seventh babies healthily and happily delivered by Dr. Best and the staff at Baby Lane.

Courtney’s experiences over the years at Lane Regional Medical Center, and with Dr. Best, have been as exceptional as they’ve been unique. “The service is spectacular. Everyone is so nice. Dr. Best is an awesome doctor and wants to make sure that you don’t ever have any questions.”


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