I Love Lane Testimonials

"I love Lane because working at Lane is not like going to work with co-workers, it’s like spending time with family which really makes taking care of patients a joy rather than a job. It really makes me feel proud when I’m out in the community and someone notices that I work at Lane. Then they tell of the wonderful treatment they or their family members received as a patient."

–Tanya Bates; Special Procedures

"I love Lane because we are a smaller facility with a bigger heart. Teamwork is what Lane focuses on!"

–Rhonda Beauchamp; Patient Financial Services

"It is a small facility therefore you are able to come to know the staff and physicians. This makes it a very comfortable place to be when you can’t be at home. After 10 years it has become a comfort zone that is hard to leave. Nursing administration has always praised my strengths and tolerated my weaknesses. Avenues for change have always been open."

–Sherri Brady, RN; Diabetes Management

"I love Lane because it is close to home, friendly co-workers and good things happen here!"

–Vicki Clardy; Patient Financial Services

"I love Lane because of the friendly staff I work with."

–Lakendrick Cotton; Food & Nutritional Services

"I love Lane because Lane is my community. The patients are my family, my co-workers, my church members. Working at Lane gives me the opportunity to give back to my community by taking care of the people who are like my family and a job that I love as well."

–Courtney Day, LPN; Day Surgery

"I feel that within the hospital we are a community and that sense of community is passed on to our patients (customers) as well as to each other. We consider each other’s welfare, both patient and employee, to make this the great work place that it is."

–Katie Easley, RN; Special Procedures

"This is only real job I’ve had. I came out of phlebotomy school, did my clinicals here, and have been here ever since. Lane is all I know and I love it!"

–Brea Evans; Laboratory

"I love Lane because it is the only hospital where I get to take care of my friends, my neighbors, my parents and my children. Lane is a family taking care of our community. What separates Lane from other hospitals is the personal element. There is not a stranger amongst the staff. I know everyone by name, regardless of department and they know me. That also applies to our patients. I don’t pass a person in the hall that I don’t speak to and it is returned. You won’t find this at larger institutions. We are a growing, progressive medical center that maintains the small town feeling and fundamentals."

–Jason Gwyn, RN; Day Surgery

"I love Lane because I love being a part of the change and growth here at Lane. We have cutting edge services in a warm, home-like atmosphere. We are constantly striving to improve our services so that we can better meet the needs of the communities surrounding us. It feels great to be a part of something so positive!"

–Alyson Hughes; Patient Financial Services

"I love Lane because of the relaxed and friendly environment. Everyone at Lane is always going out of their way to make your job a little easier to do and a lot more enjoyable!

–Lauren Holcombe; Communications

"I love Lane because everyone here puts forth a team effort to meet the needs of our patients. No matter what the task may be, someone is always there offering to lend a hand."

–Shaneka Johnson; Telemetry Unit/First South

"I love Lane because it is a cool place to work. Everyone takes time to see to your needs as an employee. And when you do something good, you are greatly appreciated! It just feels like home."

–Kimberly Jones; Food & Nutritional Services

"I love Lane because it is a relaxed setting to work in and a pleasant stay for our patients. All the conveniences of the city hospitals without the traffic."

–Alice Kent; Communications

"I love Lane because of the high quality of professionals I am privileged to work with each day."

–Julie Knight; Lane Rehabilitation Center

"Lane is so much more than a place to work; it’s home, it’s family."

–Mike Hlavac; Rehab Services

"I love Lane because the entire staff is like family. Everyone sticks together and helps one another in times of need. You are treated more like a person instead of a number."

–Jason Landry, RN; Surgery

"Every where I go the people I see remind me of my own family. Everyone is so caring no matter what department I am in. It truly feels like Lane employees wrap their arms around my heart!"

–Melissa Landry; Food & Nutritional Services

"It’s like home! From the moment you step out of your car, you feel welcome - greeted with a friendly hello, a warm smile, a handshake. You truly are more than a co-worker, you are a friend and you are an important part of Lane’s success. You work with people you care about and enjoy spending time with, both on and off the clock. You are supported when faced with challenges and encouraged to grow to meet your personal and professional goals. You provide care to your neighbors and thus, are valued in the communities your serve."

–Katie LeDoux, RN; Telemetry Unit/First South

"I love working at Lane because coming to work is like spending the day with my family."

–Heather Lively; Lane Rehab Services/Occupational Therapy

"The reason I love Lane is an overwhelming combination of things. The staff is truly a "big family” that offers each other support (physical, emotional, spiritual, financial) during a person’s crisis. Our patient care and empathy is very genuine and of the highest quality that I have ever seen in my 20+ years of nursing. We have a true team approach for improving the quality of care and outcomes for our patients. The Leadership Team is always searching for ways to improve our patient outcomes, employee satisfaction and community image. Our CEO and unit directors are always very visible and accessable."

–Patsy Lofstrom, RN; Lane Rehabilitation Center/Skilled Nursing Facility

"I grew up in Baker. Lane hired me in a clerical position in 1971 and employed me part time through my last four semesters of nursing school in 1976. Lane has given me opportunities to diversify my career over the years and encouraged my professional growth as a Registered Nurse. I could choose to work elsewhere in Baton Rouge, but why? With very good physicians on staff and a diversity of services offered, I am proud to be a part of an organization committed to providing quality healthcare services to our community."

–Sylvia Martin, RN; Labor & Delivery

"I love Lane because it is convenient to my home, because of the area in which I work, because of the great group of co-workers in my department, because of my terrific supervisor and because of the family atmosphere with all the employees of Lane."

–Gwen McDaniel; Nursing Home

"What’s not to love? Great people, good food and the best healthcare – all in one place!"

–Tarsha McElwee; Food & Nutritional Services

"I love Lane because I have a wonderful place to work right here in my community. At Lane, patient satisfaction is very important and I’m proud of the level of care we provide to our patients. Lane is growing to meet the needs of our community and the surrounding areas, and being a part of such a dedicated team is very rewarding. I can’t imagine driving past Lane to work anywhere else!"

–Stephanie McHugh; Laboratory

"I love Lane because it gives me great pleasure to work with people that provide excellent quality of care, have compassion and understanding, and always strive to meet the needs of our patients, their families and friends."

–Alisa Morris, RN; Day Surgery

"Lane is very close to my home and also very close to my heart. I love the advancement. I have been given the opportunity to grow in my field. The people that I work with inside and outside my department make the difference. It is truly the best and right place for me."

–Kaycie Oliphant; Imaging

"I love Lane because I have never worked at a hospital that everyone knows everyone and you are greeted with a smile. Everyone works as a team, considers co-workers friends, and are always going that extra mile to help you out. From the first day I walked into Lane, it felt like home. Everybody knows your name and speaks to you no matter what title you hold or what department you work in. I can honestly say after working at Lane there is no other hospital I would rather be."

–Tammy Pace, RN; Labor & Delivery

"My second family works here and we care for our patients like they are family. When you become employed at Lane, you instantly get 750 new family members. Because that is what Lane becomes when you work here. It’s your second family, your second home. It’s a place where staff cares about each other, but more importantly they really care about their patients."

–Kathy Peairs, RN; Quality Resources

"I love Lane because being at work is like spending time with family. You’re with people you can count on, they care about you and they want only the best for you. It’s nice to know that!"

–Susan Pearson; Human Resources

"I love Lane because it is constantly looking for ways to improve patient care and satisfaction. I truly feel each patient is treated like a part of our Lane family. They are not a number. They really mean something. The care given here is genuine, down to earth, high quality care. I also love Lane because the staff and patient opinions matter. Our opinions and comments are used to improve services and processes."

–Laura Peel, RN; Cardiovascular Services

"I love Lane because of the family atmosphere that is a part of working here. If I have a need in my area, all I have to do is ask and someone is willing to help. The people in my department know about my family and I know about theirs and are genuinely concerned when there is an opportunity to help. We do things outside of work together and that makes us closer than just simply co-workers. We have become friends."

–James Pierce; Imaging

"I love Lane because of the family atmosphere. No matter what their job titles, co-workers speak to one another and greet each other with a smile. You are congratulated for your successes, as well as prayed for in times of need."

–Lynne Reese; Admissions

"I love Lane because we are growing, but we still have a "family” type relationship with each other. There is true concern for each other and Lane provides great quality of care its patients. I’m proud to be part of Lane."

–Linda Ritchie; Human Resources

"I am proud to be a nurse at Lane because they are located in a close knit community with values and integrity. These values are carried over into the hospital by the employees of the Lane. When I first became a nurse 6 years ago, I was very unsure of my abilities, but an RN that was my preceptor took me in under her wings and helped me to grow as a nurse. That is the way all of the staff at Lane is – opened armed and willing to help their fellow co-workers. I hope to continue to grow as a nurse here with my Lane family."

–Elizabeth Rodgers, RN; Med-Surg Unit/Second South

"I love Lane because Lane has been in my life a long time. Not only am I an employee here at Lane, I was born at Lane. As I grew up, Lane was always there. I have seen Lane grow and change with the times. These changes that Lane is now going through make me love it even more, because it lets me know that if or when I need Lane it will be there for me and people I love and care about."

–Jonathon Rodriguez, RN; Day Surgery

"We give holistic care while maintaining a heartwarming, friendly atmosphere."

–Amy Rome, RN; Labor & Delivery

"I love Lane because working here is a tradition in my family. I’m the 4th generation to work here! It just seemed natural and what’s not to love?"

–Lisa Shields; Laboratory

"I love Lane because I am valued, my opinions count, and I am allowed to give excellent patient care in what I consider as my second home. The CEO knows my name (without looking at my badge) and my boss and co-workers are some of my best friends!"

–Renee Story, RN; Day Surgery

"I love Lane because Lane loves me! At Lane, employees are like a family. We care about each other on the job and outside of work. We treat each other with respect and work together as a team. We truly care about each other and it shows!"

–Delores Sutton; Marketing

"The employees here go above and beyond their acts of duties. Also the benefits are good and affordable."

–Demetreia Thomas; Environmental Services

"The employees are friendly. They treat you like family and go above and beyond their duties to make you feel better."

–Darcell White; Environmental Services

"I love Lane because along with working with great people, Lane affords me the opportunity to be there to help people with their billing issues. At Lane we are truly family. I can still say that and mean it after 19 years!"

–Kathy Willcutt; Patient Financial Services

"I love Lane because it’s a local hospital that serves the whole community. You can feel at home at Lane."

–Brenda Wright; Food & Nutritional Services