Medical Center

Patient Testimonials

Baby Lane is the Absolute Best

Lane is absolutely the best ! My OB is Dr. Nikki Gautreaux and she is amazing! She and her nurses are kind and caring, and they become like family by the time your little one arrives. The nurses at Baby Lane are amazing! I had my little girl March 2, 2020. I had nurse Laura, and she was the best ! I couldn't have asked for a kinder, more understanding and caring nurse. I was so glad to have her by my side. I highly recommend Lane OB and Baby Lane ! They made sure my 1st delivery was an amazing experience. I will be using them again.

- Britney M.

Hats Off to Emergency Room Staff

Good evening, while I am sitting here in room 8 of your emergency room waiting for my Granddaughter to be discharged after being treated for a respiratory illness I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how impressed we have been with not only the treatment she received but the kindness and professionalism of every staff member that we came in contact with. I have worked for EBR-EMS for 30 years and have been in and around every hospital in the parish so I understand how overwhelming it can be to be very busy and how sometimes we forget to be compassionate or just nice. Please know that your emergency room staff on duty tonight from 5:30 pm until we left could not have been any nicer, compassionate or professional if they tried. Hats off to them. I have also lived in Zachary my entire life and am proud to call Lane my hospital.

- Stacy D.

Very Helpful Nurses

The reason I enjoyed myself at Lane is because when I went into labor, I felt really comfortable with my nurse Brandi. Even though I was in pain, she made me laugh. I also want to give a lot of credit to Tracy. She showed a lot of love, and she was very nice.  Anything I needed she brought it quickly.  The overall majority of the nurses were all very helpful. Thanks to the housekeepers as well for keeping my room clean.

– Jasmine S.

Lane Found What Was Wrong

Before my mother packed up and moved from San Francisco to come and live with me, she had been having trouble with her stomach.  She had constant visits with the doctors out there, but no one could figure out what the problem was.  She had a colonoscopy, a MRI, and a CAT scan, and they still couldn't figure it out.  It wasn't until I brought her to the Emergency Room at Lane that we finally found out what was wrong.  Not sure if it was the blood tests or the urine sample that caught the doctor's attention, but in that moment, when she was admitted to the hospital, she finally felt vindicated that someone listened to her instead of the usual blind eye approach.  She had a scope done to see what was going on, and unfortunately, it turned out to be Stage 4 Stomach Cancer.  Cancer wasn't even on our radar as to what her stomach issues were.  There wasn't much we could do to eradicate the tumors, and she passed away not long after that.  In her obituary, I gave a shout-out to Lane Regional Medical Center and thanked them for their help.

– M. Johnson

Excellent Cardiovascular Unit

I've been using Lane for almost 50 years, and I've seen so much progress.  What I like most is that all disciplines of doctors are being drawn to Zachary because of Lane, and that means I don't have to go to Baton Rouge very much anymore.  Lane saved my husband's life when he had a heart attack in 2015.  We had to drive 15 miles to get to Lane, but within two hours from when we left our house, he was attended to, stented, and in his room in ICU.  That's fast!!!!!  Excellent Cardiovascular Unit!!!!  Medical care is not a struggle anymore!!!

– Lin S.

My Hospital of Choice

Lane hospital is my hospital of choice! Great people, location, and no traffic to fight like in BR! I have worked in the medical field for over 25 years in BR, and Lane is sooo my hospital now!!

– Linda B.

Exceptional Care

I got exceptional care while in rehab. Everyone was very nice and did their job professionally.

– Audrey H.

You Feel at Home

People at Lane are warm, friendly, and VERY professional.  They are always willing to make you comfortable, and - as much as possible - make you feel at home!

– Michael D.

Wide Range of Medical Staff

I've lived in the Zachary area for over 35 years, and having LRMC near me gives me peace of mind. Like most, I've had a visit or two to the ER. The staff have always treated my needs very well. My two younger children were born there, and again we received excellent care. As our city has grown, so has the hospital and the wide range of medical staff. My thanks to all at Lane Regional Medical Center for being there when we needed you. Keep up the great work. God Bless.

– Vincent G.

Like Visiting a Dear Friend

My husband was dying in November because of a failing electrical system in his heart. He had to be rushed to Lane by ambulance. Dr Chuck Thompson and his team (Miriam was the lead team member) loved us like we were their family. She hugged me and comforted me and answered all of my 1,001 questions. She saw us off when we left. It was like visiting a dear friend. They were thorough, kind, knowledgeable, and went the extra mile for our family. I love Lane.  They are a class act all the way.

– Connie W.

I Love Lane

I love Lane, because everyone was so nice, everything was okay, and it was quick.

– Angela T.

First Class Service

I went to the emergency room on 9/14/17 around 8:30 AM with an abscess.  I had surgery around 3:30 PM and stayed overnight to receive antibiotics.  I was released on 9/15/17 around noon.  I received first class service. I had two nurses on each shift.  Everyone involved was professional and courteous.  I would recommend Lane Hospital to my family and friends.  Thanks again for your service

– Robert R.

Dr. Best and Staff Make Difficult Losses Easier to Bear

There are so many things that I could say about Dr. Best and Bayou Regional, but I don't think I have enough space. I originally met Dr. Joshua Best in 2014, as a referral from Lane Regional. From our first meeting, I knew that Dr. Best had the rare ability to be both professional and genuinely caring for his patients. While under Dr. Best's care, I became pregnant twice and suffered two early miscarriages. In both instances, I was treated with the utmost respect, care, and concern. I was even given a shoulder to cry on. The staff made each unfortunate loss much easier to bear. When I became pregnant again in 2016, I didn't want to get my hopes up only to be let down once more. Dr. Best…

– CaSandra T.

Lane Takes Care of what Other Hospitals Missed

Two years ago, I went to the LaneRMC Emergency Room with terrible pain after having been to three different hospitals that did not know what was going on with me. Finally, after going to Lane, I was treated by the best doctors and staff that kept me there until I found out what was wrong. I required emergency surgery done by Dr.Keith Elbourne who is the ABSOLUTE best. He explained everything to me and was very patient and kind although he was not my primary OB/GYN. While I stayed in the hospital, I had one of the best nurses (Nurse Sunshine). She lifted my spirits the entire time I stayed at Lane. Overall STAFF and HOSPITAL is very comfortable and welcoming. I highly recommend LaneRMC for any of your medical needs. I am so happy and overly pleased with my entire experience :)

– Bianca D.

Competency and Attention to Detail are Stand-Outs for Lane

I was recently admitted to Lane for a hysterectomy. I've been treated in many local and New Orleans hospitals for cancer surgeries/treatment and other surgeries, and I wanted to tell you how wonderful Lane was. I also worked for the State for 20 years, part of which was setting up the Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Hospitals, so I know the importance of complying with JCAHO. The care I received was so far beyond any I've had at any other hospital. The staff was caring, came hourly to check on me, provided reassurance and assistance, and provided me with my treatment before I even had to ask. I was on the Labor/Delivery floor. It was so quiet that I could actually sleep. My pain never got out of control because the nurse came to my room right as the medication was wearing off. The room and whole hospital was immaculate. I felt like my care was not only individualized, but also that the staff really cared. There is no way to assure you hire "caring" people, but you certainly did. Ashley and Elizabeth were especially caring, thoughtful and helpful. Even the phlebotomist remembered me from the day before and knew exactly how to draw blood from my terrible veins. That kind of care, attention to detail and competence made my stay so much better. If I am ever in need of hospitalization in the future I will surely choose Lane. I thank you and your whole staff for the wonderful work they do, their professionalism, positive attitudes and, most of all, their caring.

– Mary Susan D.

Always Her First Choice

 I have had nothing but wonderful care from the staff at Lane Regional and Lane Home Health. The people have been nothing but kind and helpful. Hope I don't have to use them again but if I do, they are my first choice

– Mary R.

Clean and Friendly

You guys treated me so nicely. It was clean, and the people where friendly.  Thanks, Lane.  Love you guys!

– Michelle M.

Best Hospital Stay I've Had

Best nurses around and just excellent service .This is the best hospital stay that I have ever had. Everyone was just great, and the staff was so understanding. They took good care of my wife even if she wasn't a patient. Great doctors; everything was great, and the stay there was so relaxing. Please keep up the good work, for this is one of the best hospitals that I know of.

– Howard P.

Reassuring and Compassionate ER Nurses

In 2017, I entered the Lane ER. Most pleasant time ever. Having a heart condition, I couldn't have asked for better service. I can remember some of the ladies' names who serviced me - Ms. Rebecca, Ms. Katherine. They always smiled, and it feels reassuring to have people like that serving you in a time of need. I also had a male nurse, Mr. Austin. He has a great attitude and bedside manner. Sorry if I forgot some of the names, but thank you for your services.

– Reva H.

Great Doctor

Pretty good service. Great doctor.

– Mary H.

Best Hospital Near or Far

My last job before the car accident was quality control manager over 13 states, so getting kind words from me deserves to be put in a trophy case and used for publicity!  I have been a continual, far more frequent patient than you would believe, both in and outpatient.  LANE IS THE CLEANEST, AND MOST CONCERNED ABOUT ONE PATIENT AT THAT TIME, EVERYTIME!!  Dr. Rabalais performed the best surgery on me without any compare.  Lane is better than Our Lady of the Lake, B.R. Neuromedical, St.Dominics in Jackson, MS, and many others throughout Mississippi.  THANK YOU!

– Mike W.

Praise for CIS at Lane

I just love all my doctors there.  They don't rush you out; they the time to talk to you and also listen to you. All the staff at CIS is great and kind.  They treat you like you are part of their family.

– Detra L.

Nurse Leaves a Lasting Impression

I was a patient in the hospital in December 2013. I had an amazing nurse name Judy. She was AWESOME. She knew her job, and she was straight up and honest with me. I thank God for this angel, Judy.

– Evie L.

Exemplary Care for Both Wife and Husband

I would like to say thank you to the outpatient surgery center. The ladies and gentlemen on May 23, 2017 were exemplary in their care for my wife. My wife's doctor, Dr. Gautreaux, kept my wife and I informed throughout the waiting process and kept me informed after the surgery. She was great. The care after the surgery was amazing. The ladies in the post op room were great at explaining the care my wife would need at home and the post op procedures. The ladies were great in taking care of me as well. My wife had a IV line that broke and a little blood ran. Well that had me pass out. The ladies were so great in getting me back to normal. They got me some juice and crackers with peanut butter. I don't remember if I said thank you or not. So I am writing this to say "THANK YOU!" to them and to let their administrators know they were great in caring for both of us, and the entire experience on May 23, 2017 was astounding. We will be coming back for any procedures we may need in the future/

– Gary B.

We Choose Lane

Lane has taken good care of my family.  They are convenient for us, and they have good doctors.  We choose Lane.

– Janet A.

Always Thorough

I seem to end up in Lane a lot more than I expect.  I have a fall problem (working on to correct) that has ended up in all manner of tests and scans. I must say they are thorough and expert in their decisions.

– Deborah H.

Nurses With a Gentle, Caring Touch

You were there when I needed you. I recently came to Lane by ambulance as I had a fracture from a previous hip replacement surgery. I was in terrific pain, and the care I was given was truly remarkable. Your nurses were so careful to move me gently so as not to cause more pain. I will be forever grateful.

– Marylee A.

ER Provides Life-Saving Care for Toddler

My 1 year old son was unresponsive with blue lips. As we were leaving the restaurant down the street from the hospital, we made our way to the Emergency Room entrance door and banged on it, in desperate need of care for our son. A nurse opened the door and brought my entire family in the emergency room. As the ER staff attempted to determine what was going on with baby "Dallas", they reassured me that they would run the various scans of his head and chest to determine a root cause of his condition. They assured me that they would do everything they could even though they typically didn't treat 1 year olds. We received special attention from the staff, a nurse from the…

– Chanda L.

Successful Surgery and Incredible Care All Around

Had a wonderful gallbladder surgery on August 17, 2017.  Minimal discomfort, just some soreness.  I felt so good that I was able to visit all afternoon with friends that came by. The surgery department was awesome and met my every need. Thank you to all the surgery folks, Dr. Bourgeois, Mark Lanier ARNP, my great friend who always takes good care of my anesthesia needs and RN Michelle.  You have a great surgery team. Please write down all of their names for me. I can't remember my recovery nurse's name but we surely had a good conversation, and she took very good care of me.  Morgan met all my needs in the pre & post care area.  Of course the coffee after surgery hit the spot.  Thank you, Randi. Thanks to you all. Lane RMC for all of my needs!

– Y D.

Comfort was a Priority

I came to Lane in serious and excruciating pain.  I needed relief (Urine Retention).  I could not go, and my stomach looked like I was nine months pregnant.    The nurses and doctors took prompt care in giving me the best care.  The service I received was A-number-1.  I would recommend Lane to EVERYBODY!  

– Ronald T.

Awesome and Close to Home

As of today, I have only had testing done at Lane.  I have had to visit several relatives there, and the experience was always pleasant. The staff was exceptional and friendly. Personally, I pefer my medical facility near home and you guys to me are AWESOME.

– Elizabeth P.

Lane Cared When Others Did Not

I am alive today because of LANE.  When others had given up, LANE  and their drs. did not give up.

– Kenneth S.

Standout Staff Offer Exceptional Care

My wife and I want to thank everyone at Lane for the care I received.  From emergency to ICU to my room, everyone encountered was professional, courteous and so kind.  This was my first experience with Lane, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with the entire experience.  I commend every employee in every department. Those I want to mention are Brian in ICU, Mallory, Steve and Amanda assigned to my room.  There were too many to mention but these four stood out.  They should be commended.  Please tell them how much they are appreciated.  Thanks again to all.

– Jimmy B.

Advanced Care with a Hometown Feel

We've been life-long residents of Louisiana and the Zachary area and have used Lane for all these years.  I have always had a good experience with the doctors, nurses, and the services we have received.  We have experienced promptness in the Emergency Room (kind and courteous) along with professional care.  My mother was treated at Lane 15 times in one year before her death.  The staff, including the aids, were so kind and merciful, and I so appreciated it.   I was operated on for my gallbladder shortly after laparoscopic surgery was offered.  Lane was one of the first hospitals to offer the pain-saving procedure.  My husband has had several tests (heart related), and as stated before, the staff and doctors were very knowledgeable.   I would tell anyone that Lane is a wonderful facility which offers as much as the larger hospitals in Baton Rouge but with a hometown way of treatment.

– Sondra S.

Respectful Care

I've  always  been  treated  with dignity and respect when at Lane.  Also, the specialized  care is really good.

– Jerry B.

Great Care Despite Hardships of Flooding

I was in the hospital during the 2016 flood. The staffing was short, but they still got the job done.

– Yolanda B.

Doctors Who Take Your Risk Factors Seriously

I receive services from several Lane specialists and am thankful and appreciative of all of them. One health concern I've always had is heart disease. It runs rampant in my family and my mother had a triple heart bypass in her early 50's. I began seeing Dr. Deepak and he ordered a series of tests, including a stress test. Well, my worst fear came true and something "showed up" on my stress test. Dr. Deepak performed a heart cath and all ended up being okay. 5 years later during my second routine stress test, the same thing occurred. Dr. Deepak was out of town so Dr. Soni performed the heart cath. Again, I was fine and my heart was "beautiful". A few friends questioned the multiple heart caths. Not me! I am so appreciative that they are so thorough and understand what a huge role family history plays in heart disease. I certainly have many risk factors, and due to their thoroughness, I am confident that if I ultimately do end up with a blockage, it will be caught early. Dr. Deepak and Dr. Soni are the most gentle, kind, and downright sweetest doctors I've ever come in contact with in my life. I'm so appreciative to both of them!

– Christy D.

Lane ER Nurse Makes Life-Saving Call

In February 2009, I entered the ER, and a nurse ordered a CT scan.  She sent me straight on to a neurologist in Baton Rouge, where the brain surgeon removed a golf-ball sized blood clot from my brain. it measured 2.2 centimeters.  The surgeon told my family that when he saw me he gave me a 2 % chance of living.  I was paralyzed on my left side, and my heart stopped twice during the surgery.  Every personal friend and every caretaker that saw me that night are the reason I'm alive today, especially the ER nurse that night.  Even though she knew about the blood clot, she still made the decision to send me to the neurologist, and I'm here today.  I recovered within 4 weeks, was walking before I left the hospital, and apparently NEVER stopped talking until the actual surgery.  I wish I knew which nurse it was.  I wanted to thank her but was told i could not for whatever reasons.  I hope somehow she knew that her decision saved my life

– Lois P.

Caring and Accommodating Every Step of the Way

No one likes to go to the hospital, but my experience at Lane RMC was a positive one for me. When the housekeeping supervisor comes around and wants your feedback on how clean your room has been kept - that is rare.  Everyone was so nice and accommodating that I asked if the employees were required to go to a "Be Nice" class before being hired. It was amazing.

– Diane W.

She had the Perfect Birth Experience at Baby Lane...Twice!

In September 2012, I gave birth to my beautiful and healthy 8lb 7oz baby girl at Baby Lane with no complications. Although I lived an hour and half away at the time, I didn't question making the drive, even for all my prenatal care, because of all the wonderful things I had heard from relatives who lived in Zachary. Being a young first time mom, I didn't have much experience and definitely needed some help! I am so thankful for the amazing staff that helped me feel like a pro in no time. Because of the fact that my daughter was a little jaundiced, her stay was a little longer than usual. I was incredibly impressed that they spent so much time and attention to ensure that she went home…

– Dara C.

Heart Care Above and Beyond the Rest

If not for Lane and their heart doctors, I would not be alive today. The heart doctors I had before had given up on me.

– Kenneth S.

Dr. Rabalais and Lane Home Health set a High Standard

I've had major surgeries at Lane 4 to 5 years in a row by Dr. Rabalais.  I  was treated with respect and true care, especially from the nurses. I've had Lane Home Health on several occasions as well as physical therapy in my home. There isn't enough I can say about how GREAT they are.

– Sandra A.

Lane's Nurses are the Best Around

In 2016 alone,  I was in Lane four or five times, and the nurses are the best I have ever had. I moved here from N.C., and I was in two of the largest hospitals four times in 2010.  Lane's nurses out did them 10 to 1.  The cleaning crew, and, of course, the doctors are awesome too. But, I will be back IF I need you because of your nurses.  The ER staff is great too, and the people in the check in are very nice and fast.  I want to say thank you to all the people at Lane and wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a BLESSED 2017.

– Brenda S.

Caring Surgical Team Makes Process Easier

I recently came to lane for surgery and everyone was so nice and very caring . 

– Linda W.

Lane Kindness Goes a Long Way

Nice people; professional and efficient service.

– Stephen S.

ER and Cardiology Staff Administer Life-Saving Care

I had chest pain for ten days. The pain became very sharp, so I went to the Lane ER in Zachary. I had 2 potentially deadly heart attacks and three blockages.  I had very fast help, and the doctor, who was already on his way home, turned around and came back to take care of me. He saved my life.  I love Lane Regional Medical Center. Everybody, doctors and nurses, are very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about what they are doing.

– Vera A.

Many Years of Quality Care at Lane

I have always been treated with dignity and respect at Lane, over the course of many years.  My family and I love the staff, and the doctors are very good.  Thank you, Lane!!

– Jerry B.

Louisiana is Fortunate to Have a Hospital like Lane

I have used Lane Regional Medical Center for two emergency services. I live about one hour from Lane, and it's my choice for medical services. The staff is absolutely courteous, professional, and comforting to their patients. In some places, it seems you're just a number, or the next in line, but those at Lane do not cause you to feel that way. The staff leads us to believe that we matter to them, and that matters to a person who is truly ill in some way. I would absolutely recommend Lane Regional Medical Center to anyone. Louisiana is blessed to have a place such as this serving us. Thank you, Lane Regional Medical staff.

– Rhonda A.

Always a Great Experience at Lane

Each time I go to Lane Regional, my experience is always good.  They are great and generous people.  Great vibes there.

– Tiffany C.

Special Thanks for Life-Saving Care

My Husband, Harold, has been there several times, and we love the staff, hospital, and doctors.
Thank you for saving his life more than once..

– Dandra B.

Willing to Travel for Lane's Amazing Care

Lane has treated me on more then one occasion, and it has always been top notch.  I have had two procedures there and have been very happy with the treatment both before and after the surgeries.  I also love the hometown atmosphere there.  I can tell you if I am hurt in my shop or in distress, Lane is where I am going.  I will pass up a facility to get to Lane.   I don't usually do this, but this is how strongly I feel about Lane.   Thanks to all of you there.  They work hard, are nice, and the food is okay for an institution -  hahahahahaha.

– Gordon G.

Easing the Passing of a Loved One

My mom passed on June 28th, 2015.  They took care of my mother all the way until the end. She was sedated for the last week of her life, but they took care of her.

– M.K. F.

Kindness Helps Ease Early Delivery Anxiety

We love Lane.  My daughter began to suffer with high blood pressure during her 3rd trimester, so out of the blue, at a doctor appointment, we had to be admitted into the hospital. From the time we entered the door, every single person we meet was so kind and nice. Not only to my daughter, but to me and my family. It was like a home away from home. We were treated so nice.

– Yarnell D.

Kindness of MRI Technician Resonates

I came in for an MRI.  The technician was so nice, caring, and unbelievably kind.  He explained everything to me before doing it.   He also allowed me to use the restroom before we got started.   He was so patient.  If I come again, I would certainly like to have the same technician.   I think his name was Brian.    Thank you, Brian.  Stay like you are; don't change.

– Inez S.

Courteous Staff Delivers Comfortable Experience

The staff made my colonoscopy a comfortable experience. They were all so uplifting and had a great bedside manner. I will continue to allow Lane to perform any future procedures I need.

– Katrina W.

ICU Nurse Makes Stay Better for Co-Worker

On August 1, 2016, I unexpectedly became a patient in a hospital I had worked at for 26 years. After symptoms since July 16,  I was diagnosed with a carotid dissection. I have a lot of faith, but I must admit that my physical side was anxious. Would I be ok? Would complications occur and cause death or a stroke? Would I continue to be there to look after my precious grandchildren and family? Being a patient at a place where I have cared for so many was comforting. Melodie Rider was the nurse assigned to me in ICU. I have known her for years but she became more to me than "Mel the ICU nurse." Her demeanor, concern and true empathy for my situation…

– Laura P.

Praise for Dr. Elbourne

Dr. K. Elbourne was awesome.  Very compassionate and he really cares about your health.  He takes a more personal interest in each of his patients.  The staff at Lane was very caring and patient with me.  Always checking to see if I was comfortable and that the room was clean.

– Montrice E.

New Services and Quick Appointments a Plus

I love Lane because they have expanded their services and the Diagnostic Center is an easy-in-easy-out option.  I love my primary care physician and can usually be seen by him, or another doctor in the group,  the day I need to get in -- not days to a week like my last doctor. I've been happy with all of the services that have been provided to me and it's so close to home.

– Ginger V.

Personal, One-On-One Care for Mom and Baby

Having my baby at Lane was such a great experience. I've told countless women to consider Lane for their OB/GYN services as well as Baby Lane. I was treated like a queen and my son got the best care while in the nursery. The one on one care was something that I knew I wouldn't have at a larger facility. Lane is like home & everyone is like a friendly neighbor. Couldn't ask for a better experience!

– Summer R.

Praise for Dr. Lea and the ER

The doctor I see at Zachary Family Practice, Dr. Amanda Lea, is wonderful. She is concerned about me and my health. I have not had to use the ER in a while, but all are great when I do -- seeing me as quickly as possible, and getting me relief for my ailment. I've lived in the Zachary area for over 30 years, and don't hesitate being treated at Lane. The doctors, nurses, and aides are wonderful. Thanks, and keep it up!

– Vincent G.

OB Nurses Make the Experience Great

I had my baby, Sofia, at Lane in 2014 and the nursing staff was amazing!

– Tina S

Caring Staff Eases Surgery Fears

All the staff I had contact with were friendly and professional.  They explained everything that they were going to do and why.  They answered ALL my questions and put my anxiety about the surgery at ease.

– Lynne B.

Staff Makes Unexpected Holiday Stay Positive

My husband had surgery the week of Thanksgiving and we stayed at the hospital for 2 nights. The entire staff was friendly, helpful and made my husband's stay as comfortable as possible. They kept us in good spirits.

– Michelle and Ralph Q.

Caring for Patients and Families

When my mother had a stroke, I spent a lot of time with her at Lane. No matter who came in to care for her, before they left her room they would ask me, "What can I do for you?" I could not have tolerated the emotional and physical fatigue without knowing she was in such caring hands whenever I was not there. Thank you more than you'll know!

– Janis S.

Caring and Clean

Great service, clean atmosphere.

– LaKisha H.

A Great Place for Care and a Great Place to Work

I love the atmosphere at the hospital and would love to become an employee of Lane Regional Medical Center.

– Katina P.

Respectful Care

Lane has a great staff and you are always treated with respect and great care!  The employees are what make LRMC my hospital of choice if I need a hospital.

– Vergie B.

Lane is Always There When Needed

You're close, open 24/7, reliable, capable, and you have been there every time my family has needed you in the past 22 years. We moved here in 1994 and have needed you on quite a few occasions. Thank you very much.

– Vicki S.

Exceptional Care That is Above and Beyond

The care I got, and always get, from Lane is ALWAYS exceptional. On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the best, I give them a 10!!!

– Jeffery J.

Praise for Lane Surgery

Lane combines state of the art care with a compassionate touch.  When my father needed surgery, I chose Lane for him.  When I needed surgery, I chose Lane.  What else do I need to say?

– Gina W.

Pat Expresses His Gratitude to the ER Staff

My name is Pat C. My Dad, Willie D. C.(Don), was treated in the emergency room on May 20th by a wonderful team of personnel. I would really like to express my appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Abby Tausend. She diagnosed Dad quickly and accurately with a lodged gall stone and sent us on to another facility that could perform the necessary procedure that might be required. We felt that her directness and confidence were just right to help us understand the situation and provide us comfort in knowing what to expect.  Dad had a successful stone and gall bladder removal and was back to his yard work in three weeks.

– Pat C.

David Experienced Life-Saving Care More Than Once

First, let me start by telling you that my past experiences with LRMC have been life-saving ones. In 2002, I suffered a Myocardial Infarction and the ER doctors and nursing staff saved my life. Last month, once again, I entered your facility through the ER suffering from a Stroke. I was stabilized through the use of TPA and made a full recovery.  So, I know the Doctors and Nurses there are capable of making the right decisions.
Due to the overall professionalism of the support staff, nurses, and physicians, I will recommend LRMC to my friends and family.

– David C.

Family Welcomes Generations of Lane Babies

On July 28 2009, a 9lb. 13 oz. baby boy named Brendan Paul was born at Lane.  When we found out we were expecting, there was no other choice but LRMC. We took every class they had to offer and chose the best doctor, Dr. Elbourne.  Six months later, I fell off my porch. I broke my foot, but our baby was okay. In fact, on the way to Lane Emergency Room, one of the EMTs got the thrill of feeling him move during the ambulance ride.  A couple months later, we welcomed Brendan into the world, me with broken foot and all.  Before delivery, Dr. Elborne and staff prayed with our family and treated us like they were welcoming a new addition to their family. …

– Brooke D.

Candice Describes the Compassionate Care She Received

I became a patient for the first time at Lane Regional Medial Center in September 2014 when I had my son. I was rolled into the hospital in a wheelchair because I was in labor and I couldn't believe it. The doctors and nurses treated both me and my son wonderfully. Neither of us had any trouble and my family was also happy with the compassionate care we received. My needs were always met, and I was amazed by the level of attention I received from the doctors and nurses, even after we were discharged. The hospital also called to check on us after we were home. I'm very happy with my Baby Lane experience!

– Candice W.

Mom Says Thank You to Lane

Our baby, Cooper, was born at Lane on October 3rd 2016. From the moment we signed in at the E.R. that morning until we were discharged, the entire staff made us feel comfortable. From the security guards, to the entire nursing staff and the housing keeping staff, they all made us feel comfortable. Any requests we had they took care of us like we were family. I want to say a big Thank You to every one of them. You all do a great job! The cafeteria breakfast was amazing too!

– Ashley C.

Mary Susan Shares Her Positive Lane Experience

I was recently admitted to Lane for a hysterectomy. I've been treated in many local and New Orleans hospitals for cancer surgeries/treatment and other surgeries, and I wanted to tell you how wonderful Lane was. I also worked for the State for 20 years, part of which was setting up the Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Hospitals, so I know the importance of complying with JCAHO. The care I received was so far beyond any I've had at any other hospital. The staff was caring, came hourly to check on me, provided reassurance and assistance, and provided me with my treatment before I even had to ask. I was on the Labor/Delivery floor. It was so quiet that I could actually sleep. My pain never…

– Mary Susan D.

"A Great Hospital"

Dr Amacker and Dr Lusco were the best ever.  I loved them both. Both my babies were born there. This place is a great hospital.

– Darlene S.

Great Experience Remains Memorable 15 Years Later

Back in June 2001, Dr. Michael Leggio delivered my twin daughters.  They are 15 years old now and such a blessing.  He was an awesome ob/gyn; also the staff were very pleasant. I really appreciate all of the hard work and dedication from you all.

– Tasha S.