How to Eat Healthy Over the Holidays

November 21, 2022

holiday healthy eatingThe holiday season is a wonderful time of year filled with celebrations, family, and delicious feasts. For some, it may be challenging due to the endless temptations that holiday meals may bring. Below are some tips that can help you enjoy a healthier holiday season.

  • Offer to bring a dish – The best way to guarantee there will be a healthy dish is if you offer to bring one! Consider bringing a fruit or veggie-based dish, or maybe a lighter version of a traditional recipe.
  • Scout the kitchen table – Once the food is set at the table, take a gander at your choices and make mental notes. This will help you in making decisions for your meal.
  • Don’t skip the fruits and veggies – They pair well with main dishes, and even make great snacks! If they’re slathered in butter or creamy sauces, consider choosing another option.
  • Mind your portions – If there is a certain food that’s simply impassable, give yourself a modest serving to satisfy your cravings
  • Take your time – The brain needs time to register that your stomach is full. Take 15-20 minutes after your first helping before going back for seconds. Visit with family, and sip some water in the meantime.
  • Drink to your health – Of course, water is the ideal drink choice to stay hydrated without extra calories or sugar. Do keep in mind some drinks like eggnog and mulled wine may have 200-500 calories for each glass.
  • Get moving – Put those holiday calories to work! Go for a walk around the neighborhood, put on your dancing shoes, or even play a game of backyard football after a big holiday meal.

Above all these, remember the reason for the season. Sure, food is an important part of the holiday celebrations, but shift your focus on gathering with loved ones and reflecting on the past year’s blessings. Share stories, play games, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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