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Hospitalist Team at Lane Regional A Patient's Guide to the Hospitalist Program at Lane Regional Medical Center

Of the many concerns you may have when ill or injured, who will care for you shouldn't be one of them. We understand that there are few life events more stressful than yourself or a loved one being admitted to the hospital. It is for this reason that Lane Regional Medical Center has taken painstaking care to ensure your comfort, health and safety when in any of our facilities. For patients who are admitted, a team of skilled hospitalists will oversee your stay.

What is a Hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a physician who specializes in caring for patients while they are in the hospital.

Each hospitalist at Lane is board certified in internal medicine, family medicine or other specialties. These physicians have the knowledge and expertise to take the best-possible care of all patients, and their involvement helps to ensure favorable outcomes and the shortest-possible stay. Our goal is to have patients back in the comfort of their own homes as quickly as is safely possible. These hospitalists do not see patients outside the hospital, making you or your loved one their primary concern and the recipient of their full attention.

Who is on the Hospitalist Team?

Well-rounded care involves a number of players. If your health were left in the hands of a single individual with a single area of expertise, you would not be able to achieve the same results as you could if there were a larger, more diversified team in your corner. At Lane, you can count on not only dedicated physicians, but other experts critical to healing and care such as physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

How Does the Hospitalist Know About Me?

Hospitalist Program at Lane Regional Communication is key. This includes not only communication between yourself and your physician, but between your hospitalist and primary care physician as well. To ensure that any physician actively involved in your care is up to date, there is a process that will be followed. Here's how it works:

WHEN YOU ARE ADMITTED TO THE HOSPITAL, your primary care physician will call the hospitalist to inform him or her of your condition. Then, they will send over records to the hospital as needed for your illness or condition. This process is similar to what a physician does when referring you to a specialist.

WHILE YOU ARE IN THE HOSPTIAL, your hospitalist will supervise your care and may talk further with your primary care physician about your treatment plan.

WHEN YOU ARE DISCHARGED FROM THE HOSPITAL, your hospitalist will get in touch with your primary care physician to discuss further treatment needs, help arrange follow-up care, prescribe the necessary medications and send your hospital record back to your primary care physician.

When Will I See My Primary Care Physician?

ONCE BACK HOME, you will go back to your regular primary care physician for continued treatment and care. Thanks to the thorough communication that takes place during your hospital stay, he or she should have a full record of everything that occurred during your stay, any medications given and your current condition or status. If you do not have a primary care doctor, your hospitalist will refer you to one, as this physician is a critical component in maintaining your care.

How Does the Hospitalist Benefit Me?

Hospitalist in Baton Rouge Hospitalists Keep a Close Eye on You.

Hospitalists work only in the hospital and are usually available on-site from 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. Because the hospital is their "office," he or she is never far away and can see you more than once a day, especially in emergencies or when questions or concerns arise.

Hospitalists Can Answer Your Family's Questions.

Hospitalists are here to provide answers – in person – whenever possible. Since they are in the hospital all day, your hospitalist is able to spend more time talking to you and your family about your care.

Hosptialists Know the Hosptial Inside and Out.

Hospitalists are very familiar with the procedures and processes at Lane. This allows them to be more efficient when ordering tests and consulting with other specialists to adjust treatments.

Hospitalists and Primary Care Doctors Work Together to Provide Better Patient Care.

Working with a hospitalist is a win-win. Your primary care physician can devote time to keeping patients healthy in the office environment, while your hospitalist can devote time to caring for you while in the hospital.

What if I Have More Questions?

TO SPEAK TO YOUR HOSPITALIST, please ask your nurse to make the call.

Will I Receive a Separate Bill for Hospitalist Services?

Yes, the billing process is similar to being billed by your primary care physician or other medical specialist for a hospital visit.