Nursing Care

Nursing Services at Lane Regional

Lane has several nursing units to assist your loved one during recovery:

Lane Regional Nursing Units Each unit has its own specialized method of delivering care that is customized to the needs of each individual patient.

As a close friend or family member, you have an important role in your loved one's care. We welcome your support, caring reassurance and advocacy, which is essential for his or her overall well-being. You want only the best for them, and it is our goal to provide it. By working together, we can help give your loved one the best-possible outcome.

While caring for our patients is our first obligation, we know that they are not the only person affected by the situation. Oftentimes, a hospitalization is most difficult on the loved ones who may experience overwhelming amounts of stress and worry. We recognize that the hospital and certainly the intensive care unit (ICU) may be unfamiliar to many family members and friends. Our staff will make every effort to ease this stressful time by being sensitive to your needs and concerns.

If you need assistance, our social workers are available to help patients and their families adjust to the repercussions of hospitalization and their loved one's particular condition. You'll have access to community resources to help plan for the future and adapt to the changes each new situation brings. No family will ever feel alone or lost when receiving care from Lane.

In times of stress and indecision, many patients and family members seek comfort in their religion. Our team is happy to help coordinate a visit from the clergy of your denomination, and remember that the Lane chapel is always open and is located on the first floor.

Preparing for Your Stay in the Hospital

Bring Items from Home

We will provide everything necessary to care for each patient medically; however, you are welcome to bring those special touches from home. Flowers and plants are welcome in all areas EXCEPT the ICU patient rooms because of possible germs that may be harmful to the patient's recovery. Electric razors, cosmetics and other personal grooming items may be permitted, but must be inspected by the hospital personnel prior to use.

With each small piece of home, patients will feel more comfortable and relaxed, and with the exceptions listed, we strongly encourage you to help make your loved one's environment warm and inviting.

Lane Regional Nursing Care Prepare for the Doctor's Visit

Physicians make rounds throughout the hospital, so they will be visiting your loved one at various times. You can prepare for meetings by making a list of questions or concerns beforehand and keeping a pen and pad handy for taking notes.

Take Care of Yourself

No one is ever prepared to take on the difficult, demanding and stressful role associated with having a loved one in the hospital. While devoting your energies to improving his or her condition, do not neglect your own physical or emotional health. If you need support or assistance at any time, please let us know.

How You Can Help

As the patient's advocate, your role frequently involves making informed decisions about the patient's care and keeping other family and friends updated on their progress. The following tips will help you and our staff provide the best care.

  1. Select one family member to be the family spokesperson.
    Having one person available will help to ensure that communication is consistent for everyone concerned, especially in regard to the patient's care, condition, treatment plan and medication. (Due to laws governing patient confidentiality, staff cannot release information over the telephone.)

  2. Share as much information as you can, especially if the patient cannot communicate.
    It is important for you to provide our medical team with honest information about the patient's psychological, physical and social status, as well as his or her wishes if unconscious. Be assured that any information shared with hospital staff is strictly confidential.

  3. Make sure the staff can get in touch with you.
    Please be sure the hospital staff knows your name and contact number in case of an emergency.

Lane Regional Hospital Visiting Hours

The sound of a voice, the touch of hand and the smile of a familiar face promotes the patient's recovery as much as any medication. And while family support is important to the healing process of every patient, please keep in mind their need for rest, quiet and privacy.

To maintain a restful environment, the following is required:

  • Lane Regional Visiting RulesVisitors must be 12 years of age or older unless special permission is granted by the charge nurse.
  • No more than two visitors are allowed at a time.
  • Please respect all "no visitors" and "isolation" signs on a patient's door. These are ordered by the physician for the patient's benefit.
  • ICU visiting times may be postponed and extra visiting times may be allowed at the discretion of the charge nurse based on the activity in the unit.
  • No visitors will be allowed during an emergency.
  • Ministers will be allowed to visit during nonvisiting hours.
  • If requested to leave the room, please do so without hesitation.
  • If the door is closed, please knock before entering.
  • When visiting a patient in a semiprivate room, respect the privacy of the other patient by speaking quietly and limiting the length of your visit.
  • Please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before touching the patient.
  • If you have a cold, fever, sore throat or other contagious illness, please DO NOT visit.

Patient Room Visiting Hours:

8 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Intensive Care Unit Visiting Hours:

9 – 10 a.m., 12 – 12:30 p.m., 4:30 – 5:30 p.m., and 8:30 – 9:30 p.m.
Only two family members allowed per 30-minute visit.

Lane Rehabilitation Center Visiting Hours:

Mon. – Fri., 4 p.m. – 9 p.m.; Sat., 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.; and Sun., all day