Signs You May Need a Knee Replacement

December 23, 2022

AdobeStock_263296279Young, old, athlete, or not, your knees play a significant role in your everyday life. Furthermore, they directly control your quality of life regarding mobility, comfort, and convenience. These joints help you move from point A to point B. They make it possible to run, jump, swim, sit, and move, so if your knees have experienced trauma or injury or have simply worn out over time, a knee replacement may be the treatment option you need.

Knee replacement surgery is known as knee arthroplasty. This procedure can alleviate pain and restore function to the knees. Knee arthroplasty removes damaged cartilage and bone from the kneecap, shin bone, and thigh bone, three critical components of the knee joint. The knee joint is then replaced with a prosthesis, or artificial joint, made of polymers, high-grade plastics, and metal alloys.

What are the Signs That You May Need a Knee Replacement?

While knee pain and injuries are common, not every lower body ailment requires a joint replacement. However, if you have some common symptoms, your doctor may recommend a knee replacement to alleviate pain, solve issues, and restore your ability to walk and move comfortably.

If you are experiencing knee pain that wakes you up at night or prevents you from sleeping, it could be a sign that your knee joint needs attention. Persistent and recurring knee pain is another sign that it is not functioning correctly and likely needs intervention. Do your knees stay stiff or swollen? These are signs of injury and damage that can be treated. If you’ve noticed any abnormality with your knee, such as bowing out, instability, moving too much in any direction, or a different appearance, it should be looked at by an orthopedist. Lastly, a knee replacement may be an option if your knee or knees prevent you from doing regular, daily activities like walking, climbing stairs, or being generally active.

Why Are Knee Replacements Beneficial?

Knee replacement surgery relieves severe pain in the knees caused by osteoarthritis. If you’ve had problems using stairs, raising or lowering your body to furniture, or walking, a knee replacement can be an ideal solution.

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