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Financial Services

About Your Bill

During your hospital stay, you will likely receive many separate bills. We hope the following information will help you understand what you may be billed for and why there may be separate bills related to your hospital stay:

  • Lane Regional Medical Center Financial SerivcesA Bill or Statement from the Hospital or Extended Business Office

    This itemized bill usually goes directly to your insurance provider and you later receive a bill for the unpaid balance. It will include pharmacy, laboratory and imaging/X-ray charges, as well as charges for other equipment and supplies used during your treatment. If you have primary and/or secondary insurance, these charges will be forwarded to them.

    The hospital or extended business office will send you a statement informing you of what has been paid by insurance and what the hospital is still owed by you. Statements will continue every 30 days until your account is paid in full.

  • Bills from Your Physicians

    Your doctors' fees are not included in your hospital bill. You will receive separate bills from each of the doctors involved in your treatment. This may include your emergency room physician, surgeon, anesthesiologist, pathologist, radiologist and other specialists who were consulted. In most cases, the doctors' charges will also be billed to your insurance company, and you will receive statements until all charges are paid in full. These charges are not hospital charges, but are costs for services performed by others.

There will be a telephone number on each bill or statement you receive telling you whom to call with questions related to that particular bill. Please call our Patient Financial Services department with any questions you may have about hospital billing at (225) 658-4346.

Self-pay patients, please call our Customer Service Help Line at 1-844-620-8131.