Lane Infusion Center

Baton Rouge Area Infusion Center


Lane Regional Infusion Center NurseIf you are looking for an alternative to the traditional hospital setting for receiving intravenous infusion therapy prescribed by your physician, the Lane Infusion Center is your answer.

Our goal is to make you comfortable while we provide you a caring, customized treatment in a professional, relaxed environment. Each infusion station has its own flat-screen television and guest chairs so family or friends can remain with you to make passing the time more enjoyable. Reading materials, blankets and snacks are available for your comfort, as well as wireless Internet for personal or business purposes.

Types of Intravenous Infusions

Lane Infusion Center provides intravenous infusions for antimicrobial therapy and therapeutic injections, including, but not limited to:

  • Renee Story with Lane Regional Infusion CenterHydration and electrolyte management
  • Blood product administration
  • Iron deficiency management
  • Remicade® infusions
  • Reclast® infusions
  • Regeneron for COVID-19 patients
  • Immunoglobulin (IVIG) therapy
  • Subcutaneous management therapies, such as Neupogen®


Lane Infusion Center Services

Our infusion staff receives ongoing in-service, ensuring that team members are skilled in the latest techniques and pharmaceuticals. Your personal RN infusion specialist:

  • Lane Regional Infusion Center StaffCarries out the physician's orders
  • Administers infusions and injections
  • Monitors patients' response to treatment
  • Monitors lab results
  • Provides individualized infusion education
  • Keeps physicians informed of patients' progress

How to Begin Treatment at Lane Infusion Center

Lane Regional Medical Center ExpertiseHave your physician make one simple call to our office to verify insurance coverage, coordinate benefits, schedule your initial visit and any follow-up infusions, and take care of all coding and billing for treatments provided.

Our friendly staff will be happy to help you find treatment times that accommodate your busy schedule. Appointment duration varies by treatment type.

For your convenience, we are located on the third floor of the Lane Medical Plaza & Outpatient Diagnostic Center, 6550 Main Street, in Zachary.

For more information or physician referrals, please call (225) 658-4522.