Mary Susan Shares Her Positive Lane Experience

I was recently admitted to Lane for a hysterectomy. I've been treated in many local and New Orleans hospitals for cancer surgeries/treatment and other surgeries, and I wanted to tell you how wonderful Lane was. I also worked for the State for 20 years, part of which was setting up the Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Hospitals, so I know the importance of complying with JCAHO. The care I received was so far beyond any I've had at any other hospital. The staff was caring, came hourly to check on me, provided reassurance and assistance, and provided me with my treatment before I even had to ask. I was on the Labor/Delivery floor. It was so quiet that I could actually sleep. My pain never got out of control because the nurse came to my room right as the medication was wearing off. The room and whole hospital was immaculate. I felt like my care was not only individualized, but also that the staff really cared. There is no way to assure you hire "caring" people, but you certainly did. Ashley and Elizabeth were especially caring, thoughtful and helpful. Even the phlebotomist remembered me from the day before and knew exactly how to draw blood from my terrible veins. That kind of care, attention to detail and competence made my stay so much better. If I am ever in need of hospitalization in the future I will surely choose Lane. I thank you and your whole staff for the wonderful work they do, their professionalism, positive attitudes and, most of all, their caring.