Family Welcomes Generations of Lane Babies

On July 28 2009, a 9lb. 13 oz. baby boy named Brendan Paul was born at Lane.  When we found out we were expecting, there was no other choice but LRMC. We took every class they had to offer and chose the best doctor, Dr. Elbourne.  Six months later, I fell off my porch. I broke my foot, but our baby was okay. In fact, on the way to Lane Emergency Room, one of the EMTs got the thrill of feeling him move during the ambulance ride.  A couple months later, we welcomed Brendan into the world, me with broken foot and all.  Before delivery, Dr. Elborne and staff prayed with our family and treated us like they were welcoming a new addition to their family.  I only thought I was prepared for motherhood. Truth is I was terrified.  While I was in their care, I was treated with dignity. The nurses were exceptional at helping me through it.  Wendy was the nurse I remember the most. She made it easy to tell her my concerns and ask questions I may have not asked anyone else.  After delivery, it wasn't easy coming home a new mother in the condition I was in. I was not able to walk for four weeks after he was born.  As time seemed to fly by, I was healed and ready to be the mother I was suppose to be. He is now a happy and healthy seven-year-old.  When my sister-in-law found out they were expecting, I told her you HAVE to go to Lane!  My niece, Vivian Rose, was welcomed to the world by the Lane staff.  I was born at Lane 35 years ago,  and I am proud of the decision I made to let them be our #1 choice for delivery!