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5 Conditions Speech Therapy Can Help

January 29, 2020

speech therapyClear communication and speech are vital components to our everyday lives and how we interact with one another.  When these things are easily accomplished, we often give them little thought.  However, when any one of them proves difficult, it can have a drastically negative impact on our lives, both personally and professionally.  Thankfully, speech therapy can often help. 

The following are five conditions which can affect a patient’s ability to communicate and which can also be improved with the aid of a skilled speech therapist.

Speech Therapy for Articulation Disorders

Articulation disorders occur when an individual has difficulty forming certain letters or pronouncing certain sounds.  A lisp is a common example of an articulation disorder.

Speech Therapy for Fluency Disorders

Conditions such as stuttering that impact the rhythm, flow or speed of speech are known as fluency disorders.  In other types of fluency disorders, speech may come too quickly and words frequently become jumbled or combined.

Speech Therapy for Receptive Disorders

Receptive disorders are speech disorders in which the individual has difficulty processing or understanding what is being said.  As a result, they may frequently misunderstand details of a conversation, lose track, or forget what has been said.

Speech Therapy for Expressive Disorders

Nearly the opposite of a receptive disorder, expressive disorders occur when the individual struggles to convey themselves through speech.  It may cause parts of speech to become mixed up or sentences to be incomplete, making it more difficult for others to understand.

Speech Therapy for Aphasia

Aphasia is a particular type of speech disorder that often results from a stroke.  Patients who have aphasia may have their ability to speak or to understand others impacted, or it may affect their ability to read and write.

Outpatient Speech Therapy Baton Rouge

These are just some of the conditions that may benefit from speech therapy.  If you or a loved one are suffering from any difficulty regarding language, communication, or comprehension, it may be time to speak with your physician about the possibility of speech therapy.  Patients in the Greater Baton Rouge area will find highly skilled therapists in a convenient, outpatient setting at Lane Outpatient Therapy.

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