Therapy Services

Physical Therapist at LaneAt Lane, we offer physical, speech, occupational and respiratory therapy services, all from licensed therapists committed to helping patients make the most of their recovery. With the region’s most skilled and compassionate caregivers by your side and state-of-the-art equipment at your disposal, you can feel confident in your decision to trust Lane Regional Medical Center as your guide on the path to recuperation. 

Physical Therapy

Featuring state-of-the-art equipment and experienced physical therapists, the goal of Lane Physical Therapy is to improve functional mobility and independence through the use of manual skills, therapeutic exercise and various modalities.

In this modern, high-functioning environment, you’ll also find caring therapists whose personal goals include to help you be your best. Therapy can require commitments of hours at a time for weeks or even months. It is important to choose not only the facility that is best equipped and most qualified, but the one that makes you feel most at home as well.

We specialize in recuperation treatments for both musculoskeletal and neurological conditions, such as:

  • Therapy Services Zachary- EquipmentJoint replacements
  • Sports related injuries
  • Fractures
  • Amputations
  • Balance problems
  • Post-op conditions
  • Arthritis
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Strokes
  • Work related injuries
  • Back-to-work functional capacity evaluations (FCEs)
  • Cardiac conditioning

Occupational Therapy

When an illness, injury, or disability leaves your loved one unable to perform necessary, everyday tasks, you likely need the help of an occupational therapist.  This type of therapy focuses on providing patients with the skills they need to actively participate in an array of settings including social, school, work, and even home. 

When working to regain the ability to perform these day-to-day tasks, patients will need an ally - a therapist who is compassionate, patient and highly trained. Fortunately, finding both a therapist and facility that embodies these qualities is simple for those who choose Lane.


We assist with recovery for:

  • Therapy Services - StaffUpper body
  • Hand injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Postsurgical rehabilitation
  • Neurologic impairment
  • Fine motor coordination
  • Visual perception
  • Sensory integration
  • Feeding
  • Self-care skills
  • Social participation
  • And more

We also provide:

  • Casting
  • Custom splinting
  • Kinesiotaping
  • Ultrasound
  • Neuromuscular stimulation
  • Training and adaptive technology recommendations

Speech Therapy Baton RougeSpeech Therapy

Speech-language pathologists evaluate and treat adults who suffer from communication, neurologic, cognitive or swallowing disorders. Speech disorders may arise when a person has difficulty correctly producing speech sounds, while language disorders occur when an individual has trouble understanding others or verbally expressing their own thoughts and ideas. 

Our licensed speech-language pathologists provide individual treatment plans and work closely with other professionals to meet each person’s specific needs. We believe that a comprehensive approach, including a compassionate and knowledgeable team of caregivers, will provide patients with the best-possible results.

Areas of service include:

  • Articulation
  • Language
  • Stroke
  • Brain injury
  • Voice
  • Sensory integration
  • Fluency
  • Auditory processing
  • Social and pragmatic skills
  • Feeding and swallowing, including VitalStim® therapy treatment for swallowing disorders

Respitory Therapy Services - Baton RougeRespiratory Therapy

Respiratory therapy is often required to help treat problems affecting the cardiopulmonary system. These may include asthma, pneumonia, emphysema, cardiovascular disorders or damage resulting from traumatic events. Patients requiring respiratory therapy range from infants to the elderly, and each individual’s needs will determine their course of treatment.

All patients receiving respiratory therapy from Lane will be seen by a certified respiratory therapist. With advanced training and skill, you can be confident in the level of care and capability of each practitioner you see at Lane.

Area of services include:

  • Administration of medical gases
  • Delivery of respiratory medications
  • Mechanical ventilator management
  • Artificial airway management
  • Arterial blood sampling
  • Asthma therapy
  • Noninvasive ventilation (CPAP/BiPAP)