Stroke Rehabilitation: Home Health Services Following a Stroke

August 11, 2022

AdobeStock_293982213When the blood supply to an area of the brain is reduced or interrupted it prevents the brain tissue from receiving nutrients and oxygen. This event is known as an ischemic stroke and causes brain cells to die within minutes. However, with prompt medical attention and rehabilitation, permanent damage and other complications can be reduced and possibly prevented.

Knowing and recognizing the warning signs and symptoms of a stroke is critical. Common signals that a stroke is occurring include arm weakness, face drooping, and difficulty speaking. Someone experiencing a stroke may also have blurred vision, a feeling of “pins and needles”, dizziness, confusion, difficulty swallowing, or severe headache. If any of these, especially a combination of these symptoms occurs, immediate medical attention should be sought.

Why is Post-Stroke Rehabilitation Important?

Following a stroke and then ensuing medical attention, rehabilitation becomes the most important factor in regaining independence and restoring any capabilities that may have been diminished or lost. It is imperative that this treatment begins as soon as possible within a dedicated rehabilitation treatment center comprised of highly qualified therapists. In addition, Home health services are another option that can offer more convenience and comfort.

There are three main therapy focuses to regain and relearn the skills and abilities that can be affected by a stroke. All three of them are available via Lane’s experienced team of expert therapists, nurses, and medical professionals. These services are designed to help stroke patients make a full recovery.

Occupational Therapy for Stroke Rehabilitation

Occupational therapy focuses on the process and strategy of strengthening and using your muscles. For those who have suffered a stroke, managing typical activities such as eating, dressing, writing, or bathing can be difficult. Patients will learn the skills they will need to move independently throughout their lives at home, work, and in social settings.

Physical Therapy for Stroke Rehabilitation

Physical therapists aid in the development and strengthening of movement and balance. With targeted exercises, commonly used muscles will regain their strength. These include those used for walking, standing, and other everyday activities. Lane’s experienced therapists and state-of-the-art equipment make improving functional mobility for stroke victims possible.

Speech Therapy for Stroke Rehabilitation

Speech therapy helps recovering stroke patients by reteaching the language skills needed for communication in speech, writing, and reading. This therapy can also help with problems that impact the ability to swallow, a common concern among those who have had a stroke.

Stroke rehabilitation is one of the many specialties offered by Lane Home Health and Lane Rehabilitation Center. The days, weeks, and months following a stroke can be challenging to navigate. Choosing the best possible rehabilitation treatment for recovery can make a significant, positive impact during this difficult time.

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