Integrative Medicine in Baton Rouge: 4 Benefits of Integrative Medicine

August 3, 2022

integrative medicine doctor and patientIntegrative medicine can be the ideal solution if you are looking for a healing-oriented treatment instead of a disease-focused plan. Integrative medicine combines mind, body, and spirit-centric applications that achieve health and restore the body's natural balance. For chronic ailments and other issues that aren't responding to conventional medication and treatment, this holistic approach can be beneficial. Integrative medicine combines traditional treatment plans with complementary or alternative therapies to improve and enhance a patient's overall wellness. Here are four benefits that physicians that offer integrative medicine can provide:

Integrative Medicine Focuses on the Person, Not Just Treating a Symptom or Disease

While most traditional medical strategies focus on curing a disease or solving a symptom, integrative medicine is based on the individual person. Because everyone reacts uniquely to even common health problems, each person needs a specific action plan. This treatment plan accounts for biological, behavioral, environmental, and psychological factors.

Integrative Medicine Offers Less Invasive and More Natural Treatment Options

More invasive procedures can often be avoided by adding natural approaches to your treatment plan. By blending traditional treatment plans with evidence-based alternative health strategies, a patient's body can regenerate its ability to innately heal itself.

Integrative Medicine Can Prevent Future Health Problems Before They Occur

Because integrative medicine focuses on preventative methods and medications, it allows patients to become more in tune with their bodies and health and to recognize when something is amiss. With this information, patients can proactively address future or potential health issues before they become a problem.

Integrative Medicine Improves Your Overall Well-Being and Health

Integrative medicine focuses on promoting an overall healthy lifestyle and disease prevention. This approach often means fewer medications and doctor visits and fewer health issues overall.

If you are looking for a different way to address your health or even a certain problem, integrative medicine can provide the results for which you are looking. By blending traditional methods with more natural remedies and therapies, experts like Dr. Kimberly Meiners at Lane Family Practice can help you become the healthiest version of yourself.

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