Blood Type and Blood Donation During Coronavirus

March 20, 2020

blood donationWe all know that different people have different blood types, but beyond the types themselves, it is important for everyone to understand how they can give and/or receive blood.  Blood transfusions make a life or death difference for patients every day, and with the coronavirus outbreak, blood supplies are dropping to dangerously low points. 

Can I get Coronavirus from Donating Blood?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a serious illness that requires precautions such as vigilant handwashing and social distancing.  It does not, however, need to prevent your blood donation.  Even during this pandemic, a strong blood supply is needed for surgical operations, trauma cases, and more.  Additionally, blood donation sites are highly sterile environments designed to protect both staff and donors from any potential infection or disease.  If you are an eligible blood donor, you can still do so with complete peace of mind.

Is my Blood Type Needed?

Not every patient can receive the same type of blood.  Therefore, all blood types are needed for donation, in order to cover all possible scenarios.  Each blood type has unique antigens that reside on red blood cells.  Give the wrong type of blood, and the body recognizes these antigens as foreign bodies that must be attacked, triggering a serious immune response.  Of course, understanding which blood types carry which antigens and are or are not compatible can be quite confusing.  To better understand your own type and which other blood types it can be given to or that you can receive, reference the image below:

Blood Type

Blood Donation in Zachary

If you would like to help combat the blood supply shortage through a donation, please call (225) 658-4320 to learn more about blood donation with Lane Regional Medical Center in Zachary.

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