New xCup Drug Testing now Available at FASTLane Urgent Care

FASTLane After Hours Urgent Care has expanded its occupational medicine services and now offers drug testing for 10 illicit drugs in one easy test.

The xCup urine screen allows employers to expand their test menu to electronically screen for up to 10 of the most commonly abused drugs.

Located at 19900 Old Scenic Hwy in Zachary, FASTLane also offers both Non-DOT and DOT drug and alcohol testing, as well as eScreen and DISA drug tests.  Scheduled testing is available Mon-Fri- from 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. by calling Lane Regional Medical Center Service Coordination at 1-888-977-3319.

“Drug and alcohol testing continue to be a critical part of the hiring process for most employers because they create significant safety and health hazards,” says corporate health consultant Liz Pardi. “It also can lead to additional costs in the form of healthcare claims, especially short-term disability claims.”

Common reasons employers implement alcohol and drug testing are to:

  • Deter employees from abusing alcohol and drugs
  • Prevent hiring individuals who use illegal drugs
  • Be able to identify early and appropriately refer employees who have drug and/or alcohol problems
  • Provide a safe workplace for employees
  • Protect the general public and instill consumer confidence that employees are working safely
  • Comply with State laws or Federal regulations
  • Benefit from Workers’ Compensation Premium Discount programs

For more information or to schedule occupational medicine services, please call Lane Regional Medical Center Service Coordination at 1-888-977-3319.