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Lane Seeks Motivational Messages for Staff

Lane Seeks Motivational Messages for Staff

Lane extends its heartfelt thanks to the generous community members, businesses, and organizations who donated meals, personal protection equipment, scrubs, snacks, gift cards, and various goodies during the peak of Covid-19.

As the pandemic continues, Lane asks the community to continue its support by sending in Motivational Messages”.

To be a part of this uplifting movement and show support for Lane’s dedicated staff members, please submit a Motivational Message by CLICKING HERE. 

“It means so much to our staff to know your thoughts and prayers are still with us as we continue to care for your loved ones,” says chief nursing officer Staci Sullivan. “We are so grateful and blessed by the donations we receive from the community, and these ‘Motivational Messages’ will go a long way to boost morale and keep our spirits lifted!”

Additional items of support are also appreciated. Please contact the Lane Foundation at 225-658-6699 or tpayment@lanermc.org to arrange for pick-up or delivery.