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Lane Regional Honors 85 Employees for Service Milestones

Lane Regional Honors 85 Employees for Service Milestones

Lane Regional Medical Center recognized 85 employees for their years of service. Milestones ranged from 5 to 35 years and collectively represented 1065 years of service to the hospital. 

35 & 30 years 

30 & 35 Years: David Broussard, Dana Bellefontaine, Laura Peel, Gwen Buxton, Barbara McCurley, Edie Creel (35 years), and Billy Conerly

25 years







25 Years: Jason Landry and Tammy Kilcrease

20 years







20 Years: Kimberly Rogers, Dottie Monistere, Carolyn Craft, and Bre Evans

15 years







15 Years: Huey Nguyen, Julie McLin, Marti Puckett, Evie Rogillio, Lori Carruth, and Louis Scoby

10 years







10 Years: Pennie Bozeman, Jerry Borskey, and Lori Shaw

5 years







5 Years: Naoimi Juneau, Albert Collins, Maggie Fletcher, Donnie Dykes, Courtney Tate , John Womack, Brianna LaFleur, Codi Coley, Staci Sullivan, Steve Yeh, Blaine Alves, Liz Jarreau, and Tabitha Thompson


Not Pictured: Lisa Miller, Monique St. Romain, Susan Pearson, Rose Stanley, Patricia Dillon, Martie Herrington, Michelle Cosse’, Katherine Williams, Kristie Edwards, Tanya King, Jason Gwyn, Kristen Peel, Wilnethia Keller, Bobi Kilcrease, Florence Carter, Jackie Harris, Joyce Robertson, Kelly Curcio, Kristen McGraw, Meisi Monroe, Melissa Tynes, Stacy Pickett, Michael Curran, Valerie Hymel, Katherine Elkins, Hannah Daigle, Addison Bellard, Kaitlyn FaKouri, Lo Lynn Smith, Roger Guidry, Doris Bynum, Mary Ann Taylor, Grant Dunlap, Keith Elbourne, Joshua Best, Nikki Gautreaux, Lakyshia Williams, Caitlin Sims, Charlotte Sparks, Jaci Watts, Amanda Lee, Ashlyn Duocet, Bernice Dixon, Beverly Ball, Brooke Chapman, Carvin Banks, Michelle Weber, Rachel Shaffer, and Shelley Furr.