Lane Regional Honors 36 Employees for Service Milestones

Lane Regional Medical Center recognized 36 employees for their years of service at the semi-annual Service Awards Luncheon on Tuesday, September 17. 

The employees were recognized for milestones ranging from 5 to 35 years and collectively represented 500 years of service to the hospital.

35 years of service:     Japonza Byrd and Ray Villemarette

30 years of service:     Melinda Shelton

25 years of service:     Jennie Stelly

20 years of service:     Natasha Barnes, Vicki Clardy, Jeanesa Jackson, Laura Ladnier, Wendell Morgan, Lonnie Noble, Lisa Oliveaux, Teresa Webb and Nancy White   

15 years of service:      Donald Hymel, Julie Knight, Leah Lynch and Jacqueline Robinson

10 years of service:      Jordan Canezaro, Valerie Cathey, Letrica Hicks, Kevin Krewinski, Dixie Meador, Kelsi Melancon, Kristy Riles and Angelle Sibley

5 years of service:        Lindsay Bentley, Stefani Duran, Jeffrey Freeman, Laura Howell, Lenara Jackson, Alton Magee, Aquita Melson, Tara Pitcher, Jennifer Roberts, Jefferson Rogers and

                                       Ashley Varnado

25 30 and 35 years of service

Jennie Stelly, Melinda Shelton, Ray Villemarette and Japonza Byrd

20 years of service-1

Jeanesa Jackson, Vicki Clardy, Natasha Barnes, Teresa Webb, Laura Ladnier, Nancy White and Lisa Oliveaux

10 and 15 years of service

Valerie Cathey, Dixie Meador, Jacqueline Robinson and Julie Knight

5 years of service-1

Ashley Varnado, Tara Pitcher, Jennifer Roberts, Lenara Jackson, Stefani Duran and Aquita Melson