Lane Honors 40 Employees for Service Milestones

Lane Honors 40 Employees for Service Milestones

Congratulations to the 40 Lane Regional Medical Center staff members celebrating a Service Award milestone in 2022.  Honorees were recognized to thank them for their service at Lane. Collectively they represent 585 years of service.

40 Years of Service - Jenny Johnson and Bea Sibley

35 Years of Service - Alldremer Claiborne and Melissa Gamble

30 Years of Service - Shaneka Johnson and Rachelle Noland

25 Years of Service - Kim Armstead 

20 Years of Service - Donna Church, Staci Drummond, Jeronica Jiles, Mary Logsdon, and Adrienne Richardson

15 Years of Service - Megan Anthony, Susan Frebis, Debra Gorman, Kobi, Lafleur, Clay Olson, Dianne Peabody, Jeanne Partin, and Melodie Rider

10 Years of Service - Rosalind Campbell, Dana Guillot, Judy Henry, Katelyn Pardue, Dawn Sanchez, and Florence Scarle        

5 Years of Service - Charita Anderson, Michelle Brummel, Jennifer Causey, Summer Day, Michelle Eby, Jana Henyard, Joy Kerr, Paula Navarre, Mark Nichols, Theron Overland, Torisha Ona, Tyler Perritt, Heather Shaver and Annie Wells


1-40 years Bea Sibley2-35 years Alldremer Claiborne Melissa Gamble3-30 years Shaneka Johnson Rachelle Noland4-25 years Kim Armstead

5-20 years Donna Church Mary Logston Adrienne Richardson6-15 years Susan Frebis Jeanne Partin Dianne Peabody Debra Gorman Clay Olson

7-10 years Katelyn Pardue Dana Guillot8-5 years Joy Kerr Summer Day Jennifer Causey Michelle Eby

PHOTOS: Pictured L-R

40 years – Bea Sibley

35 years – Alldremer Claiborne and Melissa Gamble

30 years – Shaneka Johnson and Rachelle Noland

25 years – Kim Armstead

20 years – Donna Church, Mary Logsdon and Adrienne Richardson

15 years – Susan Frebis, Jeanne Partin, Dianne Peabody, Debra Gorman and Clay Olson

10 years – Katelyn Pardue and Dana Guillot

5 years – Joy Kerr, Summer Day, Jennifer Causey and Michelle Eby