Expansion Update - July 13, 2023

Expansion Update - July 13, 2023

Construction of the new 82,000 square foot, four-story patient tower at Lane is underway.

Foundation preparations for the four-story patient tower are complete, including removing remaining concrete and debris from the demolition work, leveling dirt, pouring 150 concrete pylons to support the steel columns of the four-story tower, digging trenches around the exterior pylons and filling them concrete to support the exterior walls.

Pits for the two elevator shafts and two stairwells are dug and framing is taking shape. Those are the tall, cinderblock/wooden structures that are rising up from the ground.

Plumbing and electrical components are in place and half of the slab has been poured. The remainder of the slab will be poured over the next 3-4 weeks.

A cinderblock firewall is being built between the exterior wall of the hospital and where the new construction will begin.

A new sewer line is being installed, which entails digging 15 feet underneath existing parking areas.

If you have questions about the Lane Expansion Project, please email jmclin@lanermc.org.



pylon digging 7

Pylon Digging

pylon digging 9

Pylon Digging


demo 6



concrete framing 1

Concrete Framing

firewall being installed 2


Firewall Installation

trough digging 3


Trough Digging