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Clinical Trials Offered to Lane Cancer Center Patients

Clinical Trials Offered to Lane Cancer Center Patients

The future of cancer care depends on research. Lane Cancer Center patients who meet screening criteria can participate in national clinical trials close to home, allowing them to receive some of the newest, most-progressive treatments while helping advance the practice of oncologic medicine throughout the world. Through Lane Cancer Center’s partnership with Mary Bird Perkins – Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center, all patients receiving care at the Zachary location are evaluated for a clinical trial. If qualified, the patient’s treatment plan may include trial medications or other elements that could be added to the established best-practice standard of care treatment.

“There’s a misconception that clinical trials are just for patients with few options left, but that’s not at all true,” said Vince Cataldo, MD, medical oncologist, Mary Bird Perkins – Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center. “We evaluate every patient for an appropriate study and we’re on the leading edge of some of the most advanced research, including trials that use the body’s own immune system to fight cancer.”

Last year, 65 percent of Mary Bird Perkins – Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center patients that were eligible for a clinical trial went on to enroll in one. With more than 40 trials available to participate in at any given time, Zachary-area patients can receive breast, colorectal, lung, head and neck and other types of cancer trials without traveling to far away locations.

Mary Bird Perkins – Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center is part of a statewide collaborative through the National Cancer Institute. The group, including LSU Health Sciences Center – New Orleans and LSU Health Sciences Center – Shreveport, reaches about 80 percent of Louisiana residents, including minority and underserved populations, to provide patients with access to high-quality research studies closer to home.

“We are excited about what the future holds for cancer patients through clinical research,” said Dr. Cataldo. “And the fact that national clinical trials are offered close to home ensures greater access; you shouldn’t have to travel to get enhanced cancer care or access clinical trials.”

For more information on clinical trials available to Lane Cancer Center patients, call (225) 215-1353 or visit marybird.org/research.