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CIS in Zachary First to use Optimizer Smart System to Treat Heart Failure

CIS in Zachary First to use Optimizer Smart System to Treat Heart Failure

Dr. Charles Thompson, interventional cardiologist at Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CIS) in Zachary, is the first to use the Optimizer® Smart System featuring the innovation of CCM therapy to treat heart failure. The procedure recently took place in the heart catheterization laboratory at Lane Regional Medical Center.


The Optimizer is a minimally-invasive, implantable device that delivers cardiac contractility modulation therapy to the heart. The device is similar in size to a pacemaker and is implanted under the skin of the upper chest. It sends timed electrical pulses to the heart during the refractory period of the beating cycle, just after the heart contracts. This improves contraction of the heart to treat heart failure, a condition in which the heart slowly weakens and cannot pump with the force required to supply oxygen-rich blood to the body.


“This is a life-changing treatment therapy for patients who suffer from heart failure,” said Dr. Thompson. “It is especially needed for those who continue to experience symptoms despite traditional medical therapy, and we are proud to offer this alternative to our patients here in Zachary.”



Pictured L-R: John Scurria, Bennett Templet RT, Laura Peel RN, Lisa Flower, Dr. Charles Thompson, Emily Ockerlund, and James Pierce RT.


To schedule an appointment at CIS in Zachary, please call 225-654-1559 or visit www.cardio.com.