Allyson Bennett Named Clinical Nurse Educator of the Year

Allyson Bennett Named Clinical Nurse Educator of the Year

Allyson Bennett, BSN, RN-BC at Lane Regional Medical Center recently received the Nightingale Award for Clinical Nurse Educator of the Year by the Louisiana State Nurses Association.

The Nightingale Award is the “Academy Awards” for registered nurses in the state of Louisiana recognizing quality, service, commitment, and excellence.

Allyson has more than 27 years of healthcare experience and is certified in both Nursing Professional Development and Patient Education. In 2002, she was named Lane Employee of the Year, and in 2013 she received the Baton Rouge District Nurses Association’s Celebrate Nursing Award.

As Director of Staff Development, Allyson has been instrumental in promoting quality improvements which directly impact patient care. Under her leadership, the Lane Nursing Practice Council implemented new processes and procedures to potentially eliminate catheter associated urinary tract infections, as well as central line associated blood stream infections due to peripherally inserted central lines.

Allyson utilizes best practices as the foundation for patient care plans and hospital-wide annual competency trainings. She serves as a problem solver, mentor, and coach for staff members, is a vital resource for helping others achieve their personal and professional goals, and functions as the hospital’s lead nurse recruiter.

Allyson also serves on numerous hospital-based committees, including Cardiovascular Care, Physician Advisory, Product Standardization & Value Analysis, Pharmacy & Therapeutics, and Electronic Health Record Optimization, and serves on councils for Professional Development, Shared Governance, and Nursing Practices.

Allyson is a graduate of the 2017 Louisiana Action Coalition Nurse Leadership Institute. She is a member of several nursing and academic professional organizations, including Baton Rouge District Nurses Association, Louisiana State Nurses Association, American Nurses Association, Association for Nursing Professional Development, and the Southeast Louisiana Staff Development Organization.

“I am very proud of Allyson, her accomplishments, and what she brings to the profession of nursing overall,” says Chief Nursing Officer Staci Sullivan. “Allyson is a wonderful asset to Lane and is truly deserving of this prestigious award and state-wide recognition. She constantly strives to improve the professional lives of others and herself. As a result of her insight, dedication, and leadership, our patients are able to receive exceptional care, every time.”