Lane Honors 53 Employees for Service Milestones

Lane Honors 53 Employees for Service Milestones

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Terrell Williams, Sharon Grant, Tamara Dayton and Karen Dubois (20 years); Lynn Reese (25 years); Florence Myers and Jim Womack (30 years)

Lane Regional Medical Center recognized 53 employees for their years of service at the semi-annual Service Awards Luncheon on Tuesday, March 14.  The employees were recognized for milestones ranging from 5 to 30 years and collectively represented 575 years of service to the hospital.

Employees recognized were:

30 years: Tom Gagneaux, Florence Myers and Jim Womack

25 years: Stephanie McHugh and Lynn Reese

20 years: Tamara Dayton, Karen Dubois, Lori Grace, Sharon Grant, Karen Williams and Terrell Williams

15 years: Barbara Barnes, Amy Greer, Kaycie Oliphant and Michelle Shipe

10 years: Jolanda Allen, Deidra Bond, Kristina Cassidy, Dinah Chambers, Sheree Dunaway, Debbie Hickman, John Johnson, Tammy McCauley, Tammy Pace, Sandra Perkins, Cheryl Riles, Lisa Shields-Major and Renee Story

5 years:   Mark Anderson, Alfredo Batallan, Elizabeth Beaudet, Crissy Carrier, Troy David, Melissa Davis, Priscilla Henry, Rae Jackson, Courtney Keller, Jeannine Kimble, Tayler Kimble, Nikki Langlois, Jefferi Lawson, Neil Manuel, Jessica Matthews, Lynda McConnell, Teeryka McPipe, Margaret-Ann Moore, Latoria Muse, Micki Noto, Laura Simon, Latarsha Stephens, Debra Walden, Deshannon West and Sarah Woodruff


Deshannon West and Sarah Woodruff

10 &15 years of service:  Lisa Shields-Major, Debbie Hickman, Tammy McCauley, Renee Story, John Johnson and Jolanda Allen (10 years); Michelle Shipe and Kaycie Oliphant (15 years)


Mark Anderson, Latarsha Stephens

5 years of service:  Mark Anderson, Latarsha Stephens, Teeryka McPipe, Debra Walden, Alfredo Batallan, Jessica Matthews, Latoria Muse, Tayler Kimble, Neil Manuel, Margaret-Ann Moore, Melissa Davis, Rae Jackson, Deshannon West and Jeannine Kimble