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Why You Should Consider Seeing an Osteopathic Doctor

October 1, 2021

osteopathic doctorSeeing an osteopathic doctor is not the same experience as seeing your average family physician or specialist. Though osteopathic doctors provide medical care to help treat your illness or injury, their healing method approaches your disorder in a slightly different manner.


What is an osteopathic doctor?

Osteopathic doctors take a broader approach to healing and treatment than other doctors. They believe in whole-body health, which means that they treat the body as a whole rather than just the symptomatic part of the body. Osteopathic doctors are not homeopathic, they still provide medical treatment and medications, but they look past the immediate symptoms to find a solution for the wellness of your whole body.


How is osteopathic treatment different from other medical treatments?

When you see a doctor or specialist, you usually go because you are experiencing some type of illness or injury. Most doctors will treat the ailment that brought you in, such as a broken bone or the flu. If you were to see an osteopathic doctor, they would look past the immediate complaints to improve the body as a whole. For a broken bone, they may look at your musculoskeletal system as a whole to assist in healing and prevention of future injuries. For an illness, they may address your immune system to help you fight them off better in the future.


What should I expect from a visit with my osteopathic doctor?

Your visit you’re your DO will include the same things you would experience with an MD but will dive deeper into your overall lifestyle. Your DO may suggest dietary or lifestyle changes to improve your overall and long-term health that will improve your symptoms long-term and help stop them from returning.


Is an osteopathic doctor as educated as other physicians?

Osteopathic doctors receive more training than most doctors due to the nature of their specialty. Along with receiving the same medical training that other Medical Doctors receive, a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine has to complete hundreds of hours of additional training involving the body’s musculoskeletal system. This additional knowledge helps them to come full circle with their whole-body health diagnosis.


Osteopathic physician Dr. Maria North-Scott of Lane Family Practice is committed to providing you top-quality care from head to toe. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment and start the journey to better health and quality of life.


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