Most Common Types of Hand Surgery

October 29, 2021

hand surgeryOur hands are probably the most underappreciated part of our body. When they’re healthy and functioning properly, we take them for granted, but the minute they are injured or hurting, we notice them right away. Thankfully, there are an array of common surgical procedures that can help restore your hands to their previous splendor.

Can surgery repair a fracture in my hand?

Some hand fractures may require surgery to correct them. If you suffer from low bone mass or a hand injury, you may need to have your bones surgically reset for them to heal correctly. Your surgeon may also need to place pins in the bones to ensure the bone heals in its proper place.

How can surgery repair tendons in my hands?

Having injured or nonfunctioning tendons in your hand can limit your hands’ functionality or even lead to permanent disability. Surgery can be performed to repair the tendons in your hand or, if needed, replace the nonworking tendons with working ones.

Can joint replacement surgery be performed on hands?

Several joints in the body can undergo total replacements, and the hand is no exception. If you have severe arthritis, a prosthetic joint can surgically replace your deteriorated or injured one, allowing you to use your hands with very little or even no pain.

What can hand surgery do for the nerves in my hands?

If you suffer from carpal tunnel or other nerve-related hand issues, nerve repair surgery can help to alleviate your symptoms, such as numbness and hand weakness. Some nerve damage is capable of repairing itself, but in some cases, surgical intervention is necessary to correct the problem.

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