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Hypertension Patients: Home Health Can Help

February 25, 2022

Closeup of nurse checking senior woman blood pressureHypertension, or high blood pressure, is a common condition affecting nearly half of all American adults. While it may be seen more frequently in some groups than others, it can be found across all ages, races, and sexes. The overwhelming presence of the condition is one of the primary reasons heart disease remains the world’s leading cause of death.


Many health concerns are associated with hypertension, including an increased risk for heart attack and stroke, aneurysm, metabolic syndrome, and heart failure. Identifying and managing high blood pressure is crucial to avoid all of these very real and dangerous complications. For some patients who are elderly or particularly high-risk, aid beyond lifestyle changes and medication may be necessary. In these instances, home health can be a significant help.


How Can Home Health Help Control High Blood Pressure?


Expert, at-home medical care for elderly and high-risk patients can help control elevated blood pressure and prevent many, potentially catastrophic health conditions. By partnering with experienced home health professionals, hypertension patients can expect the following benefits:


  • Dietary Aid - A heart-healthy diet is among the most important components of maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. Home health caregivers can help ensure that proper dietary restrictions such as low sodium are being followed as closely as possible while also helping educate patients and loved ones on healthy nutrition.
  • Social Interaction - Lack of social interaction can be a major health and safety concern, particularly for elderly patients who live alone. Companionship is important to help prevent stress and depression, both of which have been shown to have a negative impact on heart health.
  • Exercise and Mobility - Movement is another key piece in hypertension control. Physical activity helps strengthen the heart and improve circulation, as a byproduct, blood pressure can also be reduced and controlled. Caregivers can help ensure that patients are up and moving throughout the week and following any outlined exercise programs.
  • Medication Management - For patients who have reached the point of requiring blood pressure medication, consistency is vitally important. Some patients may forget to take their medicines as prescribed which can inhibit them from working properly. Home health providers can help patients stay on top of their prescriptions and ensure that medications are taken as needed.


Home Health in Zachary


If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with high blood pressure and require additional help in managing your condition, home health could be a viable option. Our professionals include a wide range of specialists from registered nurses to physical therapists to registered dietitians. To get started, speak with your physician about a referral to Lane Home Health.

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