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Baton Rouge Custom Earmolds: Exploring the Benefits

August 17, 2018

custom earmoldsOur ears are composed of incredibly delicate structures that give us the ability to communicate with others, enjoy music or the voice of a loved one, and recognize sounds that might signal danger or distress.  They play a vital role in our day-to-day experiences, but like most things, we often take them for granted until there is a problem like pain or hearing loss.  In many cases, the problems that afflict the ears are ones that could have been avoided had precaution been taken. 

Custom Earmolds for Ear Infection Prevention

If you are a parent, there is a strong likelihood that your child has suffered from an ear infection at some point in their young lives.  As many as five out of six children will have been diagnosed with one before ever reaching the age of three.  These infections can occur in adults as well, but they are far more common in children.  They occur when bacteria or a virus is able to invade the air-filled space behind the eardrum known as the middle ear, resulting in inflammation and symptoms such as pain, difficulty hearing, and fever. 

There are different potential sources for middle ear infections, but water is among the most common.  Once water becomes trapped in the ear, it can notoriously cause problems such as infection or swimmer’s ear.  However, custom-fitted ear protection can help prevent such issues.  With each pair being molded specifically for the wearer’s own ears, these special plugs create a watertight seal, protecting delicate ears from the potential ravages of water while enjoying it safely.

Custom Earmolds for Hearing Protection

Another potential danger for the ears is exposure to excessively loud noise (above 85 decibels).  Nearly 50 million Americans suffer hearing loss to some degree, and it is the second most prevalent health condition worldwide.  Sometimes, this hearing loss is due to a medical condition or anomaly.  However, for 26 million Americans, the condition is directly attributable to noise exposure.  Sources capable of contributing to hearing loss include:

  • Loud music (concert decibel levels can reach up to 120)
  • Gunshot (140 – 190 decibels)
  • Factory machinery (100 decibels)
  • Lawn mower (90 decibels)

Protecting the ears when exposed to such sounds is important to protect hearing.  While disposable plugs may help, they are often ill-fitting and unreliable.  Custom earmolds provide complete protection with a secure and customized fit for any activity where noise exposure may be a concern.

Regardless of age or occupation, custom earmolds make sense.  Whether swimming, going to concert, or cutting the grass, these plugs can help keep your ears safe from many sources of potential damage.  Contact Lane Audiology to learn more about custom earmolds and their many uses.

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