5 Third Trimester To-Dos before Baby's Arrival

January 23, 2018

As you near the end of a seemingly endless pregnancy, you are likely ensuring that your home is prepared to perfection.  You may be purchasing the last of your baby necessities, assembling furniture, or overseeing the painting of the nursery.  Preparing for a new baby, particularly a first baby, is can be both an exciting and overwhelming task.  But, as you wash clothes and bottles, don’t let some other, very important tasks slip your mind.  The following five for instance, are crucial to ensuring that everything goes safely and smoothly from delivery to the car ride home.

Take a Childbirth Class

For first-time moms in particular, the unknown is often the most stressful aspect of labor and delivery.  The better prepared you can be, the more confident you will feel and the smoother the process will go when the big day arrives.  Many hospitals offer classes to expectant parents that cover everything from breathing and relaxation techniques to changing diapers to labor and delivery tours.  At Lane, patients can experience such benefits by participating in our monthly “Pregnancy Workshop” and “Baby Care Basics” classes.

Learn the Breastfeeding Basics

Breastfeeding offers a host of benefits to both mother and baby from health and boosted immunity to a special opportunity to bond.  Unfortunately, as many mothers have discovered, the process of breastfeeding is not as simple as one might think.  While most hospitals have lactation consultants on staff to help new moms master breastfeeding techniques prior to discharge, you can help ensure a smoother process by studying the basics now.

Pack Your Hospital Bag

If there is one thing that any parent will tell you, it’s that babies rarely follow your preferred schedule.  Despite due dates and the best laid plans, they have a tendency to arrive when they are least expected.  This is exactly why parents should plan ahead in the final weeks of pregnancy, keeping a hospital bag packed and ready to go.  In a mad dash out the door, it will not only be a time saver, but having a pre-packed bag will also ensure that you haven’t left any important items behind.

Ensure the Car Seat is Properly Installed

Despite their best efforts, many parents unwittingly install their child’s car seat incorrectly, a mistake that could prove dangerous.  In the event of an accident, having a properly installed car seat can make all the difference.  New parents can avoid any issues by making a thoughtful, well-researched car seat purchase and then seeking the help of their local fire or police department to ensure proper installation before baby arrives.

Select a Pediatrician

You’ll be seeing your baby’s pediatrician a lot, particularly in the first year.  So, you’ll want to see someone with whom you are totally comfortable and completely confident.  After all, is there any more important decision than who to entrust with the care of your newborn?  When you arrive at labor and delivery, you will be asked to provide the name of your pediatrician.  He or she will then be notified of the birth and will conduct their first visit while you are still in the hospital.  So, it is important to do your research beforehand, getting recommendations and scheduling meetings with perspective pediatricians.

The birth of a new baby is an exciting and hectic time.  There is a lot that must be accomplished before your newborn even arrives in order for your experience to go smoothly.  In your final weeks of pregnancy, don’t neglect the tasks above.  Taking care of them now will leave you feeling better prepared and confident when you finally reach the big moment.


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