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Laboratory Testing at Lane Regional Medical Center: Types of Blood Work

January 28, 2022

blood workBlood tests can be ordered for several reasons. You will get them prior to surgery, you may need one to detect illness, or sometimes they are ordered as a routine part of health screening. Whatever the reason may be, our laboratory at Lane Regional Medical Center is equipped to provide these tests. Let’s look at some of the common blood tests your doctor may order for you.


Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP): This test measures eight different components in the blood. It can help detect diseases such as kidney disease or diabetes and can also help your doctor monitor the effectiveness of your medication


Complete Blood Count (CBC): This is the most common blood test. It measures the count of red and white blood cells along with platelets. Depending on the results from this test, your doctor may order further testing.


Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP): The CMP consists of the same tests of a BMP, but also adds six additional tests. These additional tests help to monitor organ functionality, such as the liver.


Hemoglobin A1C: This blood test measures the average blood sugar level to monitor diabetes.


Lipid Panel: A lipid panel checks both “good” and “bad” cholesterols and helps to determine your cardiac health. Having high “bad” cholesterol could mean that you are at a high risk for heart disease.


Liver Panel: This test measures proteins and enzymes in the blood to determine the health of the liver.


Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Tests: Many STI’s can be diagnosed by providing a blood sample. If you this you may have come in contact with an STI, your doctor may order a blood test in combination to a swab or urine sample.


Thyroid Panel: Also known as a Thyroid Function Test, this blood test checks how your thyroid reacts to and produces hormones to determine how well the thyroid is functioning.


Our staff at Lane Regional Medical Center is available to help with all your laboratory needs. If you need a blood test or other laboratory test, please have your physician send a referral. No appointment is needed. Just walk into the Outpatient Diagnostic Center located inside the Lane Plaza at 6550 Main Street in Zachary, anytime between the hours of Monday – Thursday, 7 a.m. – 4 p.m., or Friday 7 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. After-hours outpatient services are also available, and patients should report to the ER registration desk for assistance.

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