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Baton Rouge Area Volunteer Opportunity: Bring Holiday Cheer with Lane Auxiliary

December 20, 2017

With Christmas and the New Year just a few short days away, most are fortunate, with many reasons to be filled with gratitude.  For those who have their families and loved ones, jobs, and health, the holiday season brings reflection on life’s blessings and, for many, a desire to help those who may not be so fortunate.  Now more than ever, we realize the importance of giving back while in a position to do so.  After all, isn’t that precisely what we would want should the tables be turned?

What is the Lane Auxiliary Program?

The very last place most people would wish to spend their holiday season is in the hospital, but that is the case for Lane patients.  Illness and injury, unfortunately, don’t take a holiday, and that means that beds remain full and medical staff busy year throughout Christmas and beyond.  However, as dedicated as a staff may be, there are always ways that volunteers can help bring cheer and improve the overall patient experience.

Lane Auxiliary volunteers are members of the community who are devoted to helping their neighbors.  From working in the gift shop or at the information desk to distributing ice water and reading materials, there are many ways that these citizens go above and beyond to help elevate the happiness and comfort of others.  In addition, many are able to assist staff as well, recognizing the importance of their career-long commitment to caring.  Volunteers may be able to help with employee recognition events, banquets, or the coordination of events such as health screenings.

How Do I Join Lane Auxiliary?

If you are looking for a way to give back this holiday season, Lane Auxiliary is a wonderful and rewarding program.  The smile on a patient’s face, the sincere thanks of their loved ones, and the appreciation from a hard-working nurse are priceless and just a few of benefits volunteers stand to receive. 

For those who are interested, joining is simple.  Just contact the hospital gift shop at (225) 658-4309 to inquire.