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3 Common Questions new Parents Ask

August 22, 2019

Newborn baby first days with his fatherThere are few moments in life as exhilarating as becoming a parent for the first time. The emotions that follow the birth of a new baby can be overwhelming and may range from joy and excitement to intimidation. At some point, most new parents find themselves wondering if they're doing this whole thing right. Are they doing the very best for their baby? Should they be concerned about the amount their little one is eating, sleeping, or dirtying diapers? There are so many factors to consider that it's no wonder pediatricians spend much of their day fielding questions from concerned parents who find themselves overwhelmed by so much new information.

At Lane Pediatrics, we frequently encounter such concerns from the parents of our newest and tiniest patients. Among the most common questions we receive are the three below:

How Much Should My Baby Poop & What Should it Look Like?

Never are adult humans so interested in poop as after having a baby! Of course, there's good reason for this. Everything from frequency to consistency to color to odor can offer clues to an infant's health. The good news is that there is a fairly wide spectrum of "normal" when it comes to a baby's bowel movements. For the most part, the issues that arise are watery bowel movements which can indicate diarrhea, and hard bowel movements or straining which can indicate constipation. If you notice either of these or blood in the stool, a visit to your pediatrician is likely needed.

When will My Baby Sleep Through the Night?

Much to the chagrin of sleepless parents, there is no definitive answer to this one. Some babies may sleep from dusk til dawn by 2 months old, while others may not achieve the same until after 5 months. Parents can help my keeping babies on a consistent feeding and nighttime routine. However, if your baby is a few months old and still waking consistently through the night, ask your pediatrician for recommendations to help get them over this hurdle.

Why is My Baby Fussy All the Time?

Just like adults, every baby has their own temperament. Even within the same family, some babies are simply fussier than others. The key is determining if this fussiness is an indicator of a larger issue. If a baby is fed, dry and warm and continues to cry, there may be an issue such as reflux or allergies at play. If those are ruled out, you may have a colicky baby, or one who cries for more than 3 hours per day for more than 3 days per week despite being otherwise healthy. Colic can be a frustrating condition to put it mildly, but symptoms do improve with age and pediatricians can offer suggestions to help put baby at ease in the meantime.

Pediatric Care in Zachary

While these questions represent some of the more common inquiries, there are countless uncertainties that can plague new parents. Regardless of the nature of your question, your pediatrician is here to help. In Zachary, Dr. Jacob Lebas of Lane Pediatrics sees children of all ages, from birth through teens. To request an appointment with him regarding your own newborn, simply click below.

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