Medical Center

Patient Experience Survey

Your opinion matters!  Please plan to participate in our Patient Experience Survey which you will receive via phone, email or text message.  The survey consists of ten questions and takes less than three minutes to complete.

  1. You may be randomly selected to participate in a survey about your experience with us.  Confidential surveys are conducted by HealthStream.
  2. All calls are made from one of HealthStream’s Interviewing Centers in the U.S. If you see HealthStream appear on your caller ID, please take the call. The number that appears on the caller ID will be 615-846-8410.
  3. We care very much about your comments because they help us improve our service to others. They also help us train, reward and recognize our staff. However, your participation in the survey is voluntary. You have the right to refuse to answer the survey.
  4. Your caregivers will not see your specific responses to the survey.

We look forward to your feedback!