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Lane Regional Medical Center

News & Information for Physicians
The 2013 Medical Staff Officers were elected at the January 14, 2013 Medical Staff meeting as follows:
Chief of Staff:  Dr. Reagan Elkins 
Vice Chief of Staff:  Dr. Brad Smith 
Secretary/Treasurer:  Dr. Joshua Best
MS Representative to the Board: Dr. David Rabalais
General Medical Staff Meetings for 2013
Dinner at 6pm; Business at 6:30pm; Staff Development Classroom
Monday, March 4, 2013
TBA - MAY - Spring Social
July - No Meeting
Monday, September 9, 2013
Monday, November 4, 2013
Monday, January 6, 2014
*  Please refer to LaneRMC INTRANET for Medical Staff Information.  The 2013 Annual Education packet is posted for your review.
* Please contact Health Information Management or the Communications department when you will be out on vacation.
* For questions regarding receiving your patient's Lab results, please contact Teresa Webb, Laboratory Department Secretary at 658-4574.
* Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC)
In order to help prevent denials from RAC, we are changing all admission and post procedure orders.  The physician will need to indicate if the patient will be admitted as an inpatient, if the patient will be registered as an observation patient, or will remain a SDC (Day Surgery) patient.
A patient should be admitted as an inpatient when:
1.  there is a clear inpatient stay diagnosis or if
2.  the patient's stay will be longer than 24 hours.
Documentation needs to state as such and support this criteria.
A patient should be registered as an observation patient when:
1.  the above criteria for inpatient cannot be met, or
2.  a patient will need active, short-term treatment to make a decision to admit as an inpatient or discharge.
The Case Coordinator will contact you if the patient meets inpatient criteria.
Questions??  Please contact  the Admissions Coordinator at 225-788-4221 or Karla Miller at 225-658-4573.